The State Department introduces a new way to apply for passports

The State Department will host pop-ups to receive passport applications

After a backlog of passport applications forced some to postpone their summer vacations, the State Department is stepping in to help reduce the wait.

“We’re hosting special passport fairs across the United States to help you and your family apply for your passport,” the State Department announced.

At these Special Passport Acceptance Fairs, travelers can visit a public library, recreation center or local city administration office to apply. It’s important to know that passport acceptance facilities only offer routine and expedited service. Those needing a passport for urgent travel should make an appointment at one of the department’s passport agencies or centers.

“Most events are for first-time customers and children using Form DS-11 to apply. If you are eligible to renew your passport, you should renew by mail,” the website advised.

Most events will be held in California and New Jersey, though Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Missouri and Wisconsin are also on the list for event stops.

Earlier this year, passport applications were delayed due to increased applications. The State Department reported receiving more than 500,000 applications per week, which was the highest number on record during that time.

“We are on track to set the record for the highest demand year ever, far surpassing volumes seen during previous surges in demand in 2007 and 2017,” a March release from the department explained.

Visit the State Department website for locations, dates and times of the passport fairs.