New flight tool hopes to make traveling less stressful

Flights Finder creates the perfect tool just in time for the hectic holiday travel season.

Stress and the holiday season can go hand in hand — especially when traveling. While encountering tense situations might be inevitable, a new flight calculator can help.

Between the anxiety of seeing family, making sure you packed all the essentials, and, of course, getting to the airport in enough time to avoid exhausting TSA lines— the Airport Stress Calculator is designed to identify issues you might experience at the airport.

“We have analyzed data on three of the most common sources of stress for air travelers: the busyness of the airport at the time of your flight, the stringency of the baggage restrictions imposed by your airline, and the likelihood of delays at your selected airport,” Flights Finder, the creator of the Airport Stress Calculator states on its website.

Here’s what information the tool will need to assist you on your journey:

  • Airport location
  • What airlines you’re flying on
  • Departure time

Those traveling in the early morning tend to yield a “16% stress rating, while the late morning and late afternoon jumped to 46%,” Travel Pulse noted. “The most trouble-free prediction was for overnight flights at just three percent, so maybe it’s worth booking that red-eye after all.”

“While we can’t promise a trouble-free travel experience, we can provide you with a clearer picture of what to expect during your time in the airport in advance of your trip,” Flights Finder explains.