Forget Paris — here are five lesser known romantic destinations around the world

Celebrate romance in these stunning locales
Hvar, Croatia: For a more relaxed nightlife scene, consider this Croatian town, where tourists can unwind at restaurants and harbor-front bars.

Credit: Don Melvin/Cox Newspapers

Credit: Don Melvin/Cox Newspapers

Hvar, Croatia: For a more relaxed nightlife scene, consider this Croatian town, where tourists can unwind at restaurants and harbor-front bars.

From honeymoons to anniversary celebrations, vacations for two can bring romance in your relationship to the next level. While the average romantic may book a pair of tickets for Paris or Italy to make the most of that next big retreat, there are plenty of other romantic hotspots around the world worth considering.

Here is a breakdown of some of the most romantic spots around the globe.

Santorini, Greece

According to Planet Ware, Santorini is one of the most popular honeymoon spots in the world. Just a plane ride (or two) away, the Greek island offers a beautiful view of the Aegean Sea, artsy boutiques, delicious restaurants and luxurious resorts.

Many couples make the journey to see the island town Oia’s incredible pink, orange and golden sunsets.

“The fact that you can sit in front of the caldera, enjoy local dishes, a drink or a coffee while gazing at the remarkable beauty of an active volcano is priceless!” the island’s official travel page said.

Hvar, Croatia

If you are looking for an affordable European getaway, Trips Discover reported that the island of Hvar, Croatia, is a great place to let loose for a honeymoon. Beach lovers can also find an unforgettable experience on the shores of the nearby Adriatic Sea.

“Whatever you are looking for on your vacation, you may find it here; night life and cultural attractions of cosmopolitan Hvar town, boat excursions to Pakleni Islands, sandy beaches near Jelsa, the ancient town Stari Grad in which past centuries mingle with modern tourist facilities, heavenly beaches under pine trees in Zavala, exotic atmosphere of south cliffs in Ivan Dolac, Sveta Nedjelja or MIlna, the ‘little Venice’ ambient in Vrboska, drive trough and sense lavander fields near Zastrazisce, Gdinj and Bogomolje, peaceful secluded bays near Sucuraj ... this is just a fraction of it,” the Havar island website said.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

A little over a dozen miles off of the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar rests within a beautiful archipelago. Zanzibar features a series of abandoned islands, natural sights and historic landmarks. It all makes this a perfectly romantic destination for the adventurous couple looking for an escape from everyday life.

“Known as the Spice Island, the beautiful island of Zanzibar on Africa’s east coast is bursting with culture and history, seemingly at odds with its idyllic geography of white-sand beaches with palms swaying lazily in the sea breeze,” Tanzania’s tourism page said. “Together this makes Zanzibar a fabulous place to explore as well as a dream to relax and unwind.”

Sumba, Indonesia

Indonesia’s Sumba Island is another wonderful romantic hotspot for couples who want to get away from the hustle and bustle, according to Travel Triangle. For an intimate escape, Nihiwatu Beach features private surf and fishing spots. The Sumba Hospitality Foundation welcomes guests of the island to spend their stays at the Sumba Hotel School.

“For a truly special experience of not only staying in a hotel but also interact further with the local people and help develop the island’s tourism that is beneficial to the local community, the Sumba Hospitality Foundation welcomes visitors to stay at their on-campus hotel school simply known as The Sumba Hotel School,” the official tourist page said.It includes five beautiful, bamboo guest pavilions tended to by students. Powered entirely by solar energy, the school aims to set itself as an example for sustainable tourism on the island and beyond. During their stay, visitors are encouraged to interact with the students to learn more about Sumba, or share any experiences that will be of value to the students. All proceeds help fund the school’s programs.”

Otaru, Japan

For those that don’t care for sandy beaches, the city of Otaru on Hokkaido Island has become one of Japan’s most popular destinations for couples, according to Snow is a near certainty on Valentine’s Day, and the city’s canal is a hotspot for couple’s photos.

“The port town of Otaru became a centre for business and trade in Hokkaido during the Meiji and Taisho periods (1868–1926),” Japan’s travel site said. “Many of the stately stone buildings of the banks and trading companies that were built in those days still remain, forming a romantic cityscape around Otaru Canal. Some of these historical buildings have been transformed into hotels, restaurants, and stores. Otaru is known for its fresh seafood, and abundant hot springs.”

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