Check out these immersive art experiences across the U.S.

While planning your next excursion, check out these immersive art experiences across the country

The rise of immersive art. Immersive art is works curated by creative minds around the world that include experiences in: .Sight.Touch.Smell .Immersive art has dabbled into the world of technology and will only continue to expand as the years go on

While planning your next trip — especially if you’re road tripping — don’t forget to plan some fun activities along the way. Whether you’re stopping to take in the scenery or to grab a bite at a local café, there’s always a way to immerse yourself in some type of culture.

If art is your thing, there are plenty of immersive art experiences around the U.S. From light shows, to art exhibits highlighting local artists, check out these must-see experiences on your next trip.

House of Eternal Return in Sante Fe, New Mexico

The Hose of Eternal Return is perfect for spooky season. It features 70 rooms of interactive art woven into the mystery of the Selig family, who mysteriously disappeared from their Victorian home after experimenting with “interdimensional travel.” If you’re up for the mystery, click here for more.

Wonderspaces in Scottsdale, Arizona

This art show is year-round and includes artwork from not just the U.S. but also around the world. There are more than a dozen installations, exploring light, sound, abstract art and more. Wonderspaces is the top art immersive experience in Scottsdale but can also be enjoyed in Austin, TX, Philadelphia, PA and San Diego, CA. To learn more, click here.

Superblue Miami in Miami, Florida

Created by a variety of artists, this new immersive experience is just across the street from the Rubell Museum. There’s an amazing maze of mirrors and digital art sure to please even the most inquisitive explorer. For the full experience, click here.

WNDR Museum in Chicago, Illinois

Perfectly combining art and technology, the WNDR experience has installations from global and regional artists. They’ve perfect the touchless experience. According to their social channels, the WNDR is taking their show on the road to Boston, San Diego, and Seattle. Visit their website for more details.

ARTECHOUSE in Washington, DC

ARTECHOUSE takes the art gallery to the next level with interactive spaces designed for experimental installations. ARTECHOUSE also has spaces in New York City and Miami Beach. To get tickets, click here.

Flutter in Los Angels, California

Los Angeles is known for its wide variety of pop-up museums and installations. The Flutter has been called a “spa day for your heart and soul,” according to USA Today. A series of creative installations, each room is unique and created by a different contemporary artist. To transport to different creative worlds, click here.

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