4 vacation destinations for music lovers

Why not plan your next vacation around your love of music?

Top vacation cities musical lovers will enjoy.Seattle, WA.Liverpool, England.San Francisco, CA.Trinidad and Tobago .Washington D.C. .Berlin, Germany .Vienna, Austria

Plenty of vacation destinations cater to specific interests, from national parks and museums, to food tours. For music lovers, part of a great vacation is finding the local hotspot or hidden gem where you can enjoy some live music. That’s a whole lot easier if you choose a destination where music is king.

Here are four vacation destinations that are perfect for music lovers:

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City has many intimate concerts venues spread throughout the city, from small mom-and-pop restaurants to large concert halls.

The city has a rich jazz history, and it’s jazz district, centered around 18th and Vine, is still home to some legendary venues, including The Blue Room at the American Jazz Museum, which offers free jazz jam sessions many times throughout the week.

Memphis, Tennessee

Music is like air in Memphis — all around you and absolutely necessary. The city birthed the careers of everyone from B.B. King and Johnny Cash to Three 6 Mafia and Justin Timberlake.

Memphis offers many musical attractions, live music and concert venues, festivals, and interactive events. While the city can be a lot for music lovers to explore, Memphis Travel has created a music lovers’ itinerary mapping out must-see spots in this musically rich city.

Portland, Oregon

While Hollywood tends to make fun or Portland, for it’s hippie-dippy vibes, the city’s music scene is thriving, with live indie rock, jazz, classical, pop music and more. For music lovers who want to take the stage themselves, Portland also offers a thriving open mic culture.

The Oregon city offers free live music and comedy nights throughout the week.

Vienna, Austria

Austria has plenty beautiful architecture and loads of historic sites, but Vienna is first and foremost the City of Music.

Classical music lovers can stroll in the footsteps of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Mahler, and everyone in between. Concert Vienna is your one-stop shop for performances around the city.