4 products to make holiday travel easier

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More than 1.6 million Georgians expected to travel over Thanksgiving weekend, AAA says

If you’re plan to travel for the holidays, you already have enough to worry about — traffic, flight times, ride-shares. Sometimes the best way to beat a hectic holiday travel season is to be prepared.

“Having a ‘crisis plan’ in place can decrease your feelings of anxiety because you already know what to do if something disrupts your itinerary,” Nina Vasan, chief medical officer of the mental health platform Real told HuffPost.

While having a crisis plan in place and brushing up on your breathing techniques are great, there are also a few must-have items to make traveling a little less stressful.

Here are four products designed to make traveling easier during any season:

Luggage Straps

If you’re flying, luggage straps are a must-have. Between overpacking and airport personnel being a little rough with your suitcase, luggage straps will help keep everything tight and neat. Pick a brightly-colored set and they’ll help you spot your luggage on the carousel too.

Amazon offers a four-pack for $14.99.

Bluetooth Transmitter

Prefer to use your own wireless headphones or ear buds while watching a movie on your flight? Simply plug a Bluetooth transmitter into the headphone jack and stream wirelessly to your own headphones.

This Amazon Bluetooth transmitter has a 33-foot reach and a 22-hour battery life, and it’s available for under $40.

Cell Phone Holder

If you’d rather watch something on your cell phone than on the in-flight entertainment system, having a cell phone holder allows you to be hands-free and helps keep your spine in alignment as you watch your favorite content.

The JSAUX Airplane Travel Essentials Airplane Phone Holder 360 is available for $8.99.

Luggage Tracker

Losing luggage can feel way worse than a delayed or canceled flight. AirTags have GPS capabilities and send location data directly to your Apple device. If you don’t have an Apple device, you can still track your luggage using devices like Tile, Spytec, or even the SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag 2.