These 25 qualities are the makings of great leaders

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

What makes a great leader? Here are 25 leadership qualities that make a positive impact on an organization.

1. Lives values: Employees must trust leaders to operate with integrity and weigh ethical consequences of decisions. Great leaders model company values daily and ensure those values resonate with everyone.

2. Sets direction: When they convey a clear direction, employees are more willing to give discretionary effort and commitment.

3. Practices accountability: They are responsible for holding others accountable. They set clear goals and expectations, fostering trust.

4. Mentors others: A passion for mentoring others is contagious and will trickle down to managers and employees across the organization.

5. Communicates well: They have an impressive ability to connect with people while keeping key business goals in mind.

6. Shows gratitude: They model meaningful appreciation daily because they understand the importance of employee recognition.

7. Appreciates flexibility: They remind others to be flexible when things do not go as planned. Embracing changes with flexibility and positivity motivates others to do the same.

8. Thinks strategically: They always think about improving their systems and using data to justify decisions. Plus, they are adaptable to new ideas and stay open-minded.

9. Encourages innovation: People want to work for leaders who encourage innovation because it shows the organization values creativity, flexibility and growth.

10. Delegates work: Thoughtful delegation requires leaders to understand their teams’ strengths, weaknesses, and professional development goals.

11. Acts empathetically: Being empathetic and emotionally intelligent helps leaders care for, respect, support, and understand employee well-being.

12. Practices discipline: They keep themselves and others on track by holding themselves to a higher level of accountability, coordination, and commitment.

13. Shows resilience: Resilience grows from difficult situations. Great leaders can quickly recover because they have confidence, experience and optimism.

14. Gives support: When leaders care for and support employees, they create an environment of trust that encourages everyone to be more authentic, confident and productive.

15. Empowers others: True employee empowerment comes from understanding people’s motivation styles, personal passions and professional development goals.

16. Thinks creatively: Business improves when leaders are creative. It helps them motivate others to think creatively. It allows companies to achieve higher levels of competition and innovation.

17. Has self-awareness: Clued-in leaders are aware of what is happening at and around their company. They value open communication, learn from the frontlines, and stay updated on industry trends.

18. Seeks collaboration: Creating a collaborative culture saves time and improves productivity, which helps companies find higher levels of success at a faster rate.

19. Embraces learning: The more leaders learn about themselves, their company, and the world, the better they are at their job.

20. Acts transparently: Being an open, transparent leader helps everyone feel more clued-in to the business, which improves employee engagement and trust.

21. Actively listens: They give people their full attention, ask thoughtful questions and follow up with solutions.

22. Demands inclusion: An inclusive workforce is full of diverse people and perspectives. This leads to more competitive ideas, increased collaboration and higher profits.

23. Inspires others: They share a deep passion for others, the business, and the future, which helps employees feel more confident in the company’s direction.

24. Exudes confidence: Leaders who are confident about themselves and their company inspire others to believe in the direction and the mission.

25. Inspires motivation: They get energy from motivating others to reach their full potential.

Great organizations encourage leadership development or risk losing top talent to competitors who understand the benefits of great leaders.

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