Integrity highly valued at Brasfield & Gorrie, employees say

Employees at general contracting firm Brasfield & Gorrie say they feel proud to be a part of a company with high industry standards and care for its employees.

“Brasfield & Gorrie has done so much to establish respect and trust with clients that I feel confident performing my job,” wrote one employee as part of anonymous comments collected during Atlanta’s 2021 Top Workplaces surveys.

The employee said senior management looks after the best interests of both clients and employees.

“It is a hard thing to balance in this industry, but they do it extremely well and with a tremendous amount of integrity.”

Another employee recalled several times when the company lost money while acting in good faith. “We knew we wanted to do the right thing for our client or subcontractor, and we did it anyway when it could have been pushed off to someone else or not done at all.”

Brasfield & Gorrie employees repeatedly talked of feeling valued as part of a team.

“I have the freedom to manage a project and make decisions on behalf of our organization,” one employee said. “I don’t feel micro-managed, and that encourages (me) and other employees to work harder for the greater good of the team.”

Several staffers said they were appreciative of how management responded during the pandemic.

“Brasfield & Gorrie has been very active in communicating with employees about the latest COVID-19 information; they’ve been innovative and open to employees working from home. Our personnel development team actively reached out to individuals during quarantine to make sure we’re doing OK and staying safe,” one employee said.

Another wrote: “Even during a tough 2020, it is amazing to see our fall fundraiser push forward and raise money.”

Employees also said they feel trusted to make decisions and are encouraged to grow in their careers.

“I have the ability to practice my ‘craft’ and decide where I can best add value to the team and company,” one employee wrote. “I also feel that I’m entrusted with my own schedule and given the ability to make decisions at many levels.”

Said another employee: “My manager gives me the tools to reach my full potential in my role. The open communication makes me feel empowered to make suggestions and carve out my career path.”

Another commented: “I love my job because the people I work with are exceptional. When you have superiors who invest in your well-being as a person and as an employee, it makes coming to work and doing your best second nature. B&G does a great job defining each person’s role, which helps to build a great team. When each team member has a specified task, that member will do everything possible to ensure that task is carried out correctly and efficiently.”

Brasfield & Gorrie management encourages a family-like atmosphere, which employees say is much appreciated.

“I wake up every morning excited to get to work. My project team truly is a family, something that B&G holds to a very high standard. We spend Monday through Friday in the same office and still want to spend time together after work and on the weekends. The people are why this is the best place to work. Upper management is very involved and engaged into each project team,” wrote one employee.

Another employee summed up what it means to work for Brasfield & Gorrie:

“We get to work with the best people in the industry on the best projects across the country and in our own backyards. We make an impact on our communities every day and have a great time doing it with our work family.”