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Brasfield & Gorrie

Some of the 542 employees who work at Brasfield & Gorrie in metro Atlanta share anonymously why they enjoy working at one of the nation’s largest privately held construction company and this year’s top large workplace. Here’s how they finished the sentence: “I love my job because ...”

“All opinions and points of view are appreciated and accepted.”

The company “allows me to fulfill what I believe is my purpose in helping others.”


“B&G is the best company I have ever worked for.”

“B&G cares about doing the best job.”

“Brasfield & Gorrie enables me to do what I love to do and, with the eagerness and drive to succeed, not merely individually, but organizationally as a whole. Teams are top-notch while providing the necessary space to allow all members to thrive and contribute.”

“Can see tangible progress through the projects that I’m a part of building. I enjoy the people that I work with on a daily basis and the relationships I’ve established.”

“Every day is a new day of adventure. You never know what the day will fully hold. Being a part of something bigger than oneself and seeing the completion of a project.”

“Flexibility to manage my way with help and oversight.”

“Great leadership and great teamwork — always striving to raise the standard.”

“I am a part of an incredible culture that honors my values. Also, a ton of encouragement for growth and health.”

“I am able to use my skills for the betterment of the company, and my work is valued and appreciated.”

“I am challenged and rewarded every day.”

“I am constantly challenged by peers and upper management. B&G demands the best out of you but provides the tools necessary for you to do that.”

“I am empowered to perform the work we are tasked with doing with entrepreneurial autonomy that is guided by our corporate values and those who have gone before me.”

“I am included in decisions that affect my job and home life.”

“I believe we are all family, sharing the same values, goals and mission.”

“I could go on for days with how blessed I am pertaining to my job — co-workers, company values and standards.”

“I enjoy the teamwork that is required to be successful.”

“I feel like I’m contributing to the company’s safety goal.”

“I feel trusted, and I trust and love the people that I work with.”

“I feel valued.”

“I get challenged every day, and, although there are high expectations, I get all the support I need to succeed at my job.”

“I get to do what I love doing.”

“I get to help our teams deliver better projects for our owners.”

“I get to see things come to life. I enjoy being able to work with various project teams to help plan and execute the work. I enjoy having the flexibility to work from home and plan out my day on a weekly basis. The best part of what I do consists of visiting various job sites on a monthly basis, as well as advising project teams in areas of schedule improvement and optimization.”

“I get to work with the best people on the best projects.”

“I have a passion for construction. But being able to build projects with people who care for each other on a personal level and enjoy being together makes coming to work easy.”

“I have flexibility and autonomy and get paid very well.”

“I have the flexibility to attend to critical family priorities, as well as critical work priorities as those ebb and flow. Being able to be there when needed, both at work and at home keeps me and everyone else happy and healthy. My family understands when I work late, and my internal team at work understands when I need to show up for a family member.”

“I have the resource to do my job and a great team to depend on to help me.”

“I have the things I need to do my job successfully. I’m also given the opportunity to grow and learn the things that interest me.”

“I like the people I work with.”

“I love the construction industry and get to work at the best company in the country.”

“I love the people and the culture it promotes.”

“I love the people I work with.”

“I love the people I work with on a daily basis. When things go wrong, it doesn’t turn into a blame game. The company is there to back up the team and work through the issue together. The people who work for B&G love working here and strive to do their best. Motivating people to work hard is not difficult, and others, including myself, feed off of that.”

“I love the people that I work with. The projects we build are interesting and challenging. Brasfield & Gorrie is considered the gold standard, and it’s nice to be a part of that. We do a lot of great things for our communities as well, and I really appreciate that.”

“I love the teammates I work with. We’re working toward a common goal.”

“I love what I do every day.”

“I see people grow and become good professionals.

“The people that I work with are the biggest reasons that I love this job.”

“The people I work with are the people I want to spend time with outside of work.”

“The people, the work, and the pay. My manager as well.”

“I would not go into work motivated to help the people around me like I am if it was only a professional relationship. The friendships I have developed with my coworkers over the course of two years have made me never think twice on working here.”

“The reputation of this company gives me a proud sense to be a part of its family, and I find the work challenging, fun, and progressive.”

“The sense of accomplishment at the end of the day and the way that Brasfield & Gorrie treats employees.”

“There are ways to take initiative and grow from within the company.”

“This company is one-of-a-kind. People care. Friends work here. My family trusts in the company.”

“We are surrounded by good people.”

“We do what we say we will do, and we do it the right way.”

“We have a great team that works hard and is appreciated.”

“Working with other B&G folks is like working with your friends and family.”