Monica Pearson goes to church with Atlanta rapper Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy has been an integral part of Atlanta’s rap landscape for decades and now he’s taking Monica to church.

Atlanta legend Pastor Troy goes deep with Monica about church, music and everything in between.

Known to his family and friends as Micah LeVar Troy, the renowned rapper and producer shares how he was ordained “Pastor Troy” and how his dad, an actual pastor, took the news of his rapping aspirations.

He may not preach at a pulpit, but with more than 30 albums under his belt, including some with The Down South Georgia Boys (D.S.G.B.), Pastor Troy found his calling. He hasn’t earned a gold record yet but said “if there’s a way to calculate bootlegs, I’d be double platinum!”

The father of three is also a filmmaker, currently working on a series about aspiring rappers.

Find out what record Monica wants to contribute to Pastor Troy’s vinyl record shop, the story behind his trademark belt, and what’s on his vision board. Wondering if he plans to produce new music soon? To quote his 1998 anthem played at games across the country, “We Ready!”

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Monica talks with rapper Pastor Troy on the latest episode of "The Monica Pearson Show."

Credit: AJC

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Credit: AJC


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