BRIEFS: Alyse Eady’s second baby; Atlanta mixologist on ‘Vanderpump Villa’

Fox 5 anchor Alyse Eady had her third child and Telly Hall, a former Atlantan, is a mixologist on Peacock's "Vanderpump Villa." WAGA/PEACOCK



Fox 5 anchor Alyse Eady had her third child and Telly Hall, a former Atlantan, is a mixologist on Peacock's "Vanderpump Villa." WAGA/PEACOCK

Alyse Eady, the Fox 5 anchor, recently celebrated the birth of her third child.

According to her public Facebook and Instagram pages, she said her son Walker Lewis weighed eight pounds and 11 ounces when he was born.

“To say his big sister Sofia and big brother Wyatt are smitten would be an understatement,” Eady wrote last month. “Thank you all for the love and support as we welcome our final little blessing to the family. Be back soon!”

Eady joined Fox 5′s “Good Day Atlanta” in 2016 and is married to Patrick Lemmond, a partner with Shortbarrel Bourbon.


Telly Hall, a mixologist and cast member of the new Hulu reality series “Vanderpump Villa,” got into a nasty argument with lead server Marciano Brunette in the first episode during the inaugural party in the countryside of France. She even shoved him.

But Lisa Vanderpump, the “Real Housewives” vet and “Vanderpump Rules” doyenne, didn’t fire her. She tried to understand what triggered Telly and gave her a second chance.

When Telly taped the show, she had been living in Atlanta and worked at Wicked Wolf in Midtown. She has been tending bar for 12 years and would love to own a lounge at some point. When she applied for this bartending job listing, she didn’t realize it was a reality show but decided to embrace it once she found out.

When taping began last year, she didn’t plan to lose her temper so quickly, but she knew the minute Marciano showed up that he was trouble. She got angry when he accused her of not manning the bar properly. “I work in so many restaurants with passive aggressive services,” she said. “The chateau is not that big. There were just eight guests. I used to work in a high volume bar in Miami making 1,000 mojitos.”

Telly did apologize but noted: “In the real world, I might have hit him in the head with a bottle.”

She also got a lot of social media hate for mocking another cast member, Gabriella Sanon, calling her “Toucan Sam.”

“People are dogging me,” she said. “She and I are friends. We both acknowledge where we went wrong in the situation. I’m the one getting held accountable for it. It’s not cool judging anyone for their looks. I’m human. Unfortunately, for me, I was a little too real for reality TV.”

At least Lisa Vanderpump was lovely to her. “She is very much a mentor,” Telly said. “I’m the problem child. She had to wash my mouth out with soap, then hand me a lollipop and say, ‘See why I had to do that?’”

The cast hosted several parties to tape 10 episodes over a span of a month such as a secret engagement, a celebration of a transgender person’s transition and a divorce soirée. Oddly, all the guests are Americans and most of the cast are Americans despite the fact this entire show was shot in France.

As a bartender, she noticed a relative lack of tequila in France, despite a fair share of quality bourbons and red wines. “I was expecting this French experience but made a lot of American cocktails,” Hall said. “People really wanted margaritas.”


“Vanderpump Villa,” available on Hulu