No degree required: AARP reveals part-time jobs great for retirees

Retirement doesn’t have to mean barely getting by on a fixed income. There are part-time jobs aplenty that are perfect for older adults in need of some extra cash. And AARP, the nonprofit organization founded by a retired teacher, recently released a report of the best side hustles for retirees that require no college degree.

School bus driver

School bus drivers make $20.39 per hour, on average. Because of the pandemic, the need for school bus drivers has diminished significantly. Compared to September 2019, there were 15% fewer drivers employed in September 2023.

But many drivers are 50 or older and often retired, as the job requires a couple hours of work in the morning and again in the afternoon. The AARP offers a list of active job opportunities here.


With $22 an hour in pay, nannies make more than any other professionals on this list. The increase in work-from-home opportunities has affected the career landscape for nannies, but the position is still in demand. Some families require only part-time help, because they work hybrid schedules. Some simply want a nanny to care for their children while they work from home. AARP offers a list of active job opportunities here.


At an average hourly wage of $16.33, receptionists are lower on the list concerning pay. However, it’s common for businesses to split their receptionist duties among several part-time employees to save on benefits that would otherwise be awarded to full-time workers. This position is ideal for older adults looking to leave the home for an office environment. AARP offers a list of active job opportunities here.

Administrative assistant

Administrative assistants average $21.29 an hour, and businesses are often looking for part-time workers to fill hybrid work schedules a couple of days a week.

Virtual assistants work from home while attending to the same work responsibilities, making this a flexible path for older adults in need of a side hustle. You can find AARP’s list of active job opportunities here.

Customer service representative

With around 3 million active workers in the field, customer service representatives average $18.16 an hour. The hours are often flexible and work-from-home opportunities are plentiful. Find AARP’s offers a list of active job opportunities here.