The 10 scariest jobs in Georgia

Have you ever wondered how some people do the jobs they do? How they get over the fear or bugs or heights or criminals to do the best they can in their careers? While some scary jobs aren't exactly lucrative, they do provide fulfillment for many people. So just what are the scariest jobs in Georgia?

High Rise Window Washer

Washing windows is bad enough, but when you're heading up in some of the highest buildings in Atlanta it can quickly go from annoying to terrifying. Not for the faint of heart, high rise window washers usually make around $15-$25 an hour for commercial properties (including skyscrapers). If you're looking to break into the business, Clearview Window Cleaning has been a staple in Atlanta since 1990.

Police Officer

Sometimes a thankless job, being a police officer means potentially putting your life on the line daily. It also means constant training to make sure you are in prime condition – both physically and mentally. Several departments in Georgia are currently hiring, including Cobb and DeKalb Counties, with salaries starting at around $49,000 a year.

Stuntman or woman

Georgia has become a hotbed of Hollywood activity in the last few years, so it only makes sense that becoming a stuntman or woman has become a potential career in the Hollywood of the South. The salary depends on the movie or television show you're working with, and also on the degree of stunts required, but ranges anywhere from $24,000 to $50,000 annually. The best spot to check out available positions is on Production Hub.

High School Teacher

Sadly, high schools can potentially be dangerous places to work, and in Georgia that's no exception. High school teachers average around $50,000 annually to start, depending on the subject taught. And unlike a lot of scary jobs, teachers have a lot of rewarding moments as well. All teaching jobs can be found on Teach Georgia.

Animal Control Officer

You never know what sort of situation you'll be placed in working as an animal control officer. You could be called on to help re-home or to rescue animals, or you could have to deal with aggressive animals whose instinct is to attack. You'll need to check with each specific county to see if they are hiring, or visit places like the Atlanta Humane Society. Animal control officers make around $29,000 annually to start.


A necessary job in any state, the job itself can be a bit scary. Dealing with death on a daily basis is something only certain people have a knack for. Morticians in Georgia make around $39,000. Jobs can be found by calling local funeral homes or visiting job boards for mortuary schools.


A career as a firefighter is more than just putting out blazes, it's saving lives and learning to operate in high-stress situations. A career as a firefighter starts at around $37,000 annually, and positions can be found on the government jobs website.


Politicians have one of the scariest jobs around. Not only do they have to win a popularity contest with constituents, but they also have to contend with those who are opposed to them and their platform. Politicians start out making around $70,000 annually.


Dealing with rodents and bugs and things that most people are terrified of isn't exactly a lucrative profession, but it's certainly one that's constantly needed. They start out making anywhere from $12-$24 an hour. While there's no specific site to search for these particular jobs, you can visit job boards like Monster to find them.

Armed Forces

There's always a need for soldiers and sailors, but it's definitely a scary job to have, with the potential for being sent to unfriendly places to fight for freedom and democracy. Depending on the branch, most military positions start at around $18,000 a year, but it depends on if you are stationed out of the country or not. Visiting will give you an overview of how you need to go about starting your career.