Vanity adds Bluetooth, audio to morning routine

Now and then my wife reluctantly helps me by reviewing a product when I think it’s better geared to her lifestyle. The latest gadget I had her put to the test is an illuminated, fully adjustable vanity mirror, which includes a wireless audio system.

The iHome iCVBT2 vanity mirror, described by the company as perfect for any beauty or grooming routine, was an instant hit on her side of the bathroom for her morning makeup session.

First, the 7-by-9-inch flat panel mirror worked great with LED lighting around the mirror, which can be used in high or low settings depending on the amount of light needed. She relayed to me that the mirror is distortion-free, bright and clear; just as a vanity mirror should be.

But it’s the extra features, built-in Bluetooth and speakers that sync to your mobile device for music, weather, calls or any other audio need, that bring this vanity into the world of technology.

The mirror’s base has a 1 Amp USB charging port to ensure your device is charged up for the day,

A row of buttons on the base control volume, answering calls, and even give you access to your voice assistants Siri or Google Now. The built-in microphone is perfect for hands-free calls, ensuring your routine is completed on schedule.

An AC adapter and cleaning cloth are included. $79.99.


The WASPcam 9907 4K durable sports camera with a durable body around the camera, is built to be ready for battle in dirt, water or just about any weather environment. The camera shoots up to 4K video (mp4) and 20 megapixels still (jpeg) images.

I don’t often need a reason to get out of the pool and testing this camera kept me in there for a few extra hours. After a quick reading of the manual to learn the camera’s settings, it was as easy as any sports camera.

Features packed into the camera include six white balance settings, Wi-Fi connects to the WASPcam app and time-lapse controls.

The camera has a 12 Megapixel CMOS sensor and among the resolutions for video are 4K at 24 fps and 1080p at 60 fps. It has a waterproof exterior, which can be taken down to 98-feet. Files are recorded on microUSB memory card.

A 170-degree wide-angle lens with a 4x digital zoom gives you a great view. And everything can be reviewed on a 1.5-inch LCD screen.

The camera is powered by a 1050 mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. There’s also a port for microUSB to TV out for easy connection to view on your big screen.

Several mounts and brackets are included with the camera. $329.99


The reusable Absorbits wet phone rescue pouch gives you a bit of hope to save a water damaged smartphone or other small electronic devices.

Using it is simple; just dunk your device in water (accidentally of course) and then towel dry as much as possible. If you can, remove the battery and place it and the rest of the electronic gadget in the pouch. It’s recommended to keep everything in the pouch from six to 24 hours.

According to a company spokesperson, “Our technology combines the moisture-wicking ability of our fabric with the ability for the impregnated desiccates silica to encapsulate the moisture and provide a moisture scavenged environment.”

Keep in mind the pouch will remove the water, but will not repair any damage from the liquid. As long as your device fits in the 7.5-by-4.5 inch pouch, it’s worth a try.

The pouches can also be used for storing and protecting a phone when water isn’t an issue.

I haven’t tried the pouch since I don’t currently have a water damaged device, but look at it this way, after your device drops in the pool or toilet, what do you have to lose? $9.99, available in blue, silver, purple and black


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