Phone-charging St. Bernards will return to SXSW

As we all know, South by Southwest Interactive is the intersection of the "technology vs. furry animals" Venn diagram. This year, man's fest friends will return to aid you in your hour of need.

Mashable reports that smartphone accessory maker Mophie is bringing its crew of phone-charging St. Bernards back to SXSW for 2016. And because the interactive festival is all about innovation, this year the dogs will ride motorcycles on their way. According to Mashable, Mophie has teamed up with Indian Motorcycle to fashion special St. Bernard-sized sidecars. Which, y'know, is incredibly adorable.

Poor, unfortunate souls need only tweet a photo of their dying battery display to Mophie's account with the hashtag #MophieRescue.

Last year, 512Tech's Omar Gallaga had a few questions about the power-pooch program, namely about the unfortunate associations with an ill-conceived 2012 "homeless hotspot" promotion the dogs' service could evoke.

"When you convert living, feeling creatures into tech accessories for the wired crowd, you’re playing with weird energy and it could backfire," Gallaga wrote.

Watch this year's promo below.