‘Office’ star makes listicles fun with new app ‘The List’

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For ages, Apple’s App Store and Google Play for Android have been stuffed with apps for people to make and keep track of to-do lists. But there’s never been one that has become catnip for celebrities and hip media outlets such as BuzzFeed and Vulture.

”The List,” a new app from “The Office” actor and author B.J. Novak is not really for making task lists, but more for comedians and experts alike to make funny, informative or just highly personal lists and share them with others. Have an ice-cream flavor bucket list? That works. Have a highly detailed list of travel recommendations in Europe? Great! The app’s tidy, well-thought-out design makes it easy to use and “The List” is already getting new listicles (articles that are essentially lists) from outlets such as The Onion and NPR, as well as lists from celebrities including Mindy Kaling, Lena Dunham and “Weird Al” Yankovic (recent one: “Gramatically Correct Songs” such as Bob Dylan re-write “Lie Lady Lie”).