NPR's On Point: should you livestream on Facebook Live or Periscope?

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

On Monday, I had a chance to be part of a discussion on the NPR show "On Point" about Facebook Live, Periscope, and the increasing rush toward streaming live video online via our smart phones.

The show covered not only the reasons companies such as Facebook are pushing so hard on live video (if you haven't gotten an alert that one of your FB friends has gone live, you probably will soon), but what it might mean culturally and whether there are ways to prevent people from doing very bad things in front of a live audience.

Besides me, other guests on the show included Wall Street Journal media reporter Steven Perlberg, Forbes contributor Lauren Friedman, author Douglas Rushkoff and Periscope star and artist Amanda Oleander.

You can check out the very lively discussion with more than 153 comments (some people are so angry!) on the On Point page for the episode and listen to the audio directly below. The episode is about 46 minutes and I'm on the show for the first 30 minutes or so.

Update, 4/11: And here's a segment I did for Texas Standard on the same subject later in the week: