Mom’s eventful days require new surveillance camera

The Wyze Cam v2. (Wyze)

The Wyze Cam v2. (Wyze)

My wife and I went to visit my parents last weekend. On Saturday morning mom told us several koi fish were missing from her backyard pond, including a very old one that was at least 20 inches long.

There was no sign of them — they had vanished.

Mom consulted with the folks at her local water garden shop, who told her the culprit was probably a bird.

She has a Ring Stick Up Cam on the garage, but it was pointed at the driveway and gate, so it was not in a position to see the pond.

She asked for a recommendation for another camera to watch the pond, and I pointed her to the Wyze cam, which is a bargain at $25.

The Wyze cam records on motion and sends clips to the cloud, but it will record continuously if you insert a microSD card. There is no ongoing subscription cost.

I have three Wyze cams at my house, and I love them.

They are designed for the indoors, but I bought a small plastic enclosure for one of mine and mounted it outside on the back of my house. It’s been there for months and is still going strong.

Mom ordered a Wyze cam, the enclosure and a microSD card for delivery later this week.

Yesterday she texted me a screenshot of an email she’d received. The message was from Apple, telling her that it had noticed a pattern of high-risk activity on her account and she needed to update and confirm her account identity.

Thankfully, she was suspicious and asked me before she took any action. I had her forward the email to me so I could see where the links went.

If you get an email asking you to click a link, you can hover your mouse pointer over the link to see the actual URL you’ll go to if you click the link.

The links in her email looked almost authentic — the link showed, but if you hovered over the URL, the actual destination was different and not an Apple website at all.

So the lesson is NOT to click on links in emails telling you to log into an account. If you need to check your account, open your browser and type in the URL yourself.

Oh, and I got another text from Mom this morning. She had found her second (and last) really big koi fish was dead when she went out to check on the pond.

This time the culprit was still on the scene — a large opossum.

I’m not sure how many fish are left in her pond or how many opossums are involved, but she and dad are putting out the cage trap every night until they catch (and relocate) them all.

The Wyze cam isn’t up yet, but maybe it will help them scope out the best location for the traps when it is.



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