IHydrate app helps track user’s water intake

An Orlando-built app has some help for those who want to live healthier by tracking their water intake.

IHydrate, which will soon eclipse 100,000 downloads, lets users determine the types of drinks they consume and translates it into ounces of water.

In addition, you can set up targets for ounces to consume daily and, of course, share your drinks with others.

Greg Young, one of the app’s creators, pivoted from video game development because he said he wanted to do more meaningful work.

“There wasn’t enough purpose behind it,” he said. “With a fitness application, there is a greater satisfaction knowing that we are helping people.”

IHydrate integrates with many of the top health devices on the market, including Jawbone and Fitbit.

The company originally had a pay model that charged users $2 per download.

But months after debuting in the fall of 2014, they shifted focus to finding users. Young said the 100,000 downloads includes roughly 30,000 active users.