How to make online storage simpler

There are ways to make your online storage simpler. (Dreamstime)
There are ways to make your online storage simpler. (Dreamstime)

Q: My Windows 10 PC has two OneDrive online storage accounts that I’d like to combine and access with a single password. The personal account is tied to my Hotmail e-mail address and limited to 5 gigabytes of storage. The other, obtained through a subscription to Microsoft’s Office 365 program and tied to a business e-mail, stores 100 gigabytes. Can I combine them?

—Marc Burton, Minneapolis

A: Microsoft won’t let you combine a personal OneDrive account with one obtained through an Office 365 subscription. But there are ways to work around that.

One is to set up OneDrive so that you can simultaneously view your two online storage accounts with a single password. To do that, open OneDrive using one of your e-mail addresses, then add the second e-mail address (see “If you already have an account signed in to OneDrive” at

But you may not find that method attractive because you’ll still have to manage two accounts, one with only 5 gigabytes of storage, and the other with 100 gigabytes.

Another alternative is to quit using your personal account, and instead transfer all of its files to the Office 365 account. Even your combined files are unlikely to exceed the 100-gigabyte capacity of the business account, and you’d be able to access everything with one password.

Q: I’m having problems with the PC version of the instant messaging app Imo. I’ve been making video calls with Imo for months, but recently the audio has stopped working. The PC’s audio still works for other online programs, such as YouTube. What can I do?

—Wade Brooks, Peyton, Colo.

A: The free Imo Messenger software is popular partly because it’s simple to use. But that ease-of-use doesn’t extend to fixing it; there’s little information about how to troubleshoot problems.

But, because you’ve been using an older version of the Imo software for several months, you may be able to fix the problem by downloading the latest version of the app (version 1.3.0), that was released in July for Windows 7, 8 and 10. (Read details of the latest version at and download it at

Mac users can also download the Imo app. But they must first download the “Bluestack” Android emulator program that allows a Mac to use an Imo program designed for Android phones or tablets. (See “How to download Imo for MAC” at

Q: I use Windows 10 Mail to handle my e-mail. When I find an error in my e-mail contact list, I delete that entry and replace it with a new one that has the right information. But when I send a new e-mail, the deleted and new contacts pop up as address choices. Why?

—Ralph Schumacher, Rosemount, Minn.

A: It may be caused by a software error that only Microsoft can fix. But consider this: You’ve been deleting flawed contact information from Windows 10 Mail. But maybe the flaw is really in Frontier’s e-mail system, and when the two e-mail systems sync, flawed Frontier contact data is copied to Windows 10 Mail again. If so, you could fix it by turning off “contacts sync” in Windows 10 Mail (see


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