Glowing device keeps bikes, cyclists safe

SmartHalo Technologies’ brand new SmartHalo smart device for peddle bikers attaches to bikes with standard handlebars and pairs via Bluetooth with your smartphones. (Handout/TNS)

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SmartHalo Technologies’ brand new SmartHalo smart device for peddle bikers attaches to bikes with standard handlebars and pairs via Bluetooth with your smartphones. (Handout/TNS)

You’ll ride the streets a lot safer with SmartHalo Technologies’ new SmartHalo smart device for bicycles. It attaches to bikes with standard handlebars and pairs via Bluetooth with your smartphone, but there’s no need to have your phone in sight. Just keep it in a pouch under your seat or a pocket. A HaloKey is included, which is s specialized anti¬theft mechanism designed just for this device and used for locking it in place.

Inside is a rechargeable 2,000 mAh Li-Polymer, which should be good for about three weeks of 1-hour rides per day before a USB charge is needed. The SmartHalo is weather proof and has LED’s circling the top, which are so smart they glow green when you should turn and red when you miss a turn. If you’re wondering how it knows where to turn, that’s where your smartphone comes into play. Before your ride, program your route.

For night riders, a front facing light will certainly help your safety on the road. It’s controlled automatically or with a touch of the top side of the display. Keeping it on automatic allows it to go on or off depending on the amount of light in your conditions. When you stop riding the light goes off.

The app (iOS and Android) has many features to work with the device, including a “find my bike” feature in the event of theft or you just forgot where you left it. There’s also a compass, visual speedometer and an alarm, which deactivates when it senses your phone is close by.

The top of the SmartHalo has a tactile circular interface for a display you can easily read while riding and has a visual flashing light to alert you to calls and message notifications. Obviously, use caution when responding to these alerts. $149


A first for me was not drinking a smoothie but making one myself (if you ever saw me in a kitchen you would understand) with the Perfect Blend 2.0.

The smart scale combines with your own blender and the Perfect Blend recipe app (iOS and Android) to ensure you add each ingredient exactly right, measured by weight and displayed on your smartphone or tablet. The box says it works with any blender; it worked perfectly with both of mine.

Each recipe takes you step-by-step, making it easy, even for me. I even found out that the ingredients should be added in a specific order to ensure optimal blending.

Set up is as easy as downloading the app and pairing the Perfect Blend wirelessly (Bluetooth). How advanced you want your drinks is up to you. It’s not limited to healthy nutrition, as I found out. The scale works perfectly for baking and cocktail beverages.

For nutrition conscious recipes, the app displays the number of calories and servings you’re about to blend based on the ingredients and how much you add. There’s not a lot to it; it’s simple to use and the results were excellent.

A pair of AAA batteries is needed for power. $33.91


The PIQ Robot sensor is designed for athletes to give them the tools they need to improve their performance levels.

The sensor combines with an accessory dedicated to specific sports including golf, tennis, ski, boxing, or kiteboarding.

It’s worn on a strap, which links to your smartphone. On the PIQ app, it records and analyzes the analytics performance details of a workout session. This includes speed, G-force at impact, and retraction time, then displays the analytics in real time on the app.

The app shows results on a community leaderboard, comparing where you stand to others hoping to inspire athletes to work harder to move up in the standings. $149 for the sensor, accessories prices; boxing $99, golf $269, tennis $178, kiteboarding $208, ski $198


A Star Wars collection of cases and wallets for iPhone has been launched by HEX.

The cases are genuine leather in designs incorporating art and characters from the legendary films. Features include genuine leather exteriors, credit card slots, cash pockets, zip closures and custom German polycarbonate phone beds.

They are available in three styles: the Snap Case, the Wallet, and the Zipper Wallet and are available for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and the iPhone X. prices vary; Star Wars Darth Vader for iPhone X $49.95, Boba Fett Wallet Case for iPhone X $59.95


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