Are curved HDTVs worth the extra cost?

Should your next TV set have a shapely curve? While it's not super common, some shoppers of newer 4K (or Ultra HD, as they're sometimes called called) television sets are having to decide whether to get a traditional flat-screen panel, or a screen that curves on the sides, giving the home theater a mini-IMAX flavor.

Reviews are mixed on curved HDTVs; some critics say the design choice adds nothing but extra cost to TV sets, look awkward mounted on a wall and may distort the image along the edges. Proponents say the benefits include a more immersive experience, especially on larger-sized sets, a wider viewing angle and a better experience with 3-D viewing.

Some of it may come down to aesthetics; you may prefer the way a curved TV looks in your living room. But before you pay more for a curvy TV, read reviews to determine whether the model you may buy is just using the design as a gimmick.

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