Year-round trout fishing proposed

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30 Georgia counties containing trout waters

4,000 Miles of trout water in the state

100,000 Estimated number of trout anglers in Georgia

The opening day of trout season has been a harbinger of spring for several decades in Georgia. Anglers anxiously await the beginning of the season to shake off cabin fever and hit the water at the end of March.

Many anglers turn the weekend into an event filled with camaraderie on their favorite stream. Those trips often provide rites of passage as the adults introduce young anglers to the tradition and trout fishing for the first time.

The mystique of opening day has been diluted in recent years as the Georgia Department of Natural Resources has allowed year-round fishing in more and more waters. An even more drastic change may be in the cards.

The DNR announced two hearings for public input on a proposal to allow year-round fishing in all creeks, rivers and lakes that contain trout.

“Previously, the ‘mountain’ trout season was kept from late March through the end of October each year,” said John Biagi, chief of the Fisheries Management Section. “This change would allow that ‘seasonal’ regulation to be removed, opening up these streams to trout angling all year.”

Anyone attending the meetings can provide written or oral comments, but the DNR asks that comments be concise and to the point to allow time for everyone to speak.

Meetings are planned for Fair Street Neighborhood Center in Gainesville for Feb. 10 and Red Top Mountain State Park Conference Center on Feb. 12. Both events begin at 7 p.m.

Individuals should inform the registering official upon arrival of their intent to give a statement.

Electronic or written comments can be submitted by anyone unable to get to the meetings. Those should be sent to the DNR by Feb. 28.

Visit for directions, information on where to send comments, and more details on the proposal.