Tebow scores below top QBs on Wonderlic

Tim Tebow scored 22 out of 50 on his Wonderlic test, below other top quarterbacks preparing for the NFL draft,  according to Palm Beach Post writer Edgar Thompson.
Citing an NFL source, Thompson tweeted Wednesday that Sam Bradford scored 36, Colt McCoy 25 and Jimmy Clausen 23.
But Tebow can take solace that he got the same score as Brett Favre. The average score is 21.
The Wonderlic Personnel Test was introduced to the NFL in the late 1960s and requires players to answer as many of the 50 questions as possible in 12 minutes. It's supposed to measure problem-solving ability.

A recent study, however, found no correlation between high Wonderlic scores and NFL success.

For comparison sake, here are some other Wonderlic scores by NFL quarterbacks, according to FanIQ.com.

Alex Smith: 40

Eli Manning: 39

Matthew Stafford: 38

Tom Brady: 33

Steve Young: 33

John Elway: 30

Drew Brees: 28

Tim Tebow: 22

Michael Vick: 20

Dan Marino: 16

Vince Young: allegedly got a 6, then retested and got 15.

Donovan McNabb: 14

Jeff George: 10

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