TaQuon Marshall displays Madden-esque skills against Pittsburgh

TaQuon Marshall must have been using a game controller to move himself on Saturday at Bobby Dodd Stadium. In Georgia Tech’s 35-17 win over Pittsburgh, some of Marshall’s runs looked like they came straight out of a video game.

In the first quarter, Marshall followed his blockers towards the Yellow Jackets sideline probing for a hole where he could cut up field. He found one after a huge block by pulling guard Parker Braun.

Marshall raced down the sideline coming within centimeters of stepping out of bounds. When he got to the 4-yard line, he dove for the pylon and scored capping off a 31-yard touchdown run that tied the game at 7.

“I thought about going up inside and trying to leverage pitch it, but I just kinda trusted it and the hole opened up and I just tried to stay in bounds and just make a play,” Marshall said.

On the Yellow Jackets’ next drive, Marshall put Panthers’ safety Damar Hamlin in the spin cycle. Facing a third-and-4 at the Panthers’ 19 yard-line, Marshall got the edge with only one defender to beat.

“I really didn’t anticipate on spinning, but it just kinda happened,” Marshall said. “I baited the guy inside and I just rolled off of him.”

“That spin move was amazing,” defensive tackle Anree Saint-Amour said. “It was almost like you were pressing B in a video game.”

Marshall rushed for a 1-yard touchdown on the next play.

He finished the game with 112 yards on 18 carries and two touchdowns. He now has eight rushing touchdowns this season.