What Atlanta United said after 2-1 win over Orlando City

What Atlanta United said following a 2-1 win over Orlando City on Sunday:

Manager Gerardo Martino

On the six points in a difficult stretch of games: “It could have been nine points in a week if in the other game we had a little better officiating and if we had played 11 on 11."

On Miles Robinson’s second start: “As I said after the LAFC game, he’s ready. He’s a player who's improved a lot over the course of the last year. So we know he’s ready to play on days when he has to step up and help us out like today."

On Alec Kann filling in at goal: “Very well. It was a difficult game but I thought he did his job, especially with a lot of set pieces and a lot of corners that Orlando had. But I think you didn’t notice the length of time that he was out.”

On switching back to 3-5-2 this week: “Because the game against Kansas City we felt that we had to, because of their style, we had to match up with them to be able to press them all over the field. And I think that system allows us to do that. And then the game today I think even with playing with a 3-5-2 we would be able to press Orlando in this system. Also because we expected the game against Kansas City to be about 50-50 in terms of possession, and today we figured we’d have more of the ball.”

Goalkeeper Alec Kann

On getting six points in eight days: "Really tough stretch, three good teams, two of which away from home. We should be really proud of that, get back to Atlanta and rest and look forward to next Sundayat home."

On knee injury: "Just some swelling, it was week-to-week. When Brad [Guzan] went down it was kind a like, 'You need to get back in training and get ready to play.' It's the life of a goalkeeper, you just always have to be ready."

On if he was hit by any bottles: "I did not, but there were probably 300 hundred bottles on the field, which is not good."

On if Orlando City is a rival: "I think it takes time. This atmosphere is unbelievable not matter who they’re playing. Credit to them for filling up the stands and making it a tough place to come win a game, but fortunately we did."

Midfielder Ezequiel Barco

On his two goals in three games: "Yeah every time I feel better. It's important for us to keep getting these points to stay up at the top of the table and just to keep getting better."

On the play that set up his goal: "Yeah I received the pass from Miguel [Almirón] around midfield and I was able to lose my mark and pass it out to Greg [Garza] o

n the wing. Then I made a run into the box and luckily he was able to find me and I hit it and luckily it was able to go in. It's a big joy because it helped us get the result."

On why he hit it with the outside of his right foot: "It was a really fast play and when it came to me, I didn't have any other option than to just hit it with the outside of my foot and luckily it went in."

On whether he tried to curl it into the corner: "Yeah that was the idea was to hit it to that post because really that's the only option that I had on that play and luckily it went in."