Signs of change are spotted at Braves stadium

Signs of change are visible at the Braves’ stadium.

Purple-and-white signs bearing the new Truist Park name have been installed atop the canopy on the exterior third-base side of the stadium and on the pedestrian bridges over Circle 75 Parkway and Windy Ridge Parkway.

The new signs currently in place are temporary, Braves President and CEO Derek Schiller said Thursday -- the start of a gradual process of relabeling the ballpark.

“The signs aren’t ultimately going to look like (they do now), but at least it gives ‘Truist Park’ a presentation at those particular places,” Schiller said. Permanent versions of the signs are scheduled to be installed on the bridges at some point during the 2020 season and atop the canopy after the season.

The Braves and Truist, the bank formed by the merger of SunTrust and BB&T, announced Truist Park as the stadium's new name last month. The temporary signs – and renderings of others to come – have the words "Truist" and "Park" separated by the bank's new logo.

Inside the stadium, the signature SunTrust Park sign remains atop the main video board for now, but it will be removed and replaced with a Truist Park sign by the season’s first home game April 3, Schiller said.

The largest exterior SunTrust Park sign was removed from atop the third-base side of the stadium by two cranes earlier this month and replaced Friday with the temporary Truist Park sign.

Eventually, about 150 Truist Park signs will go up in and around the stadium.

“They’re in the process of manufacturing, and we’ve begun to see various examples of how they are going to look,” Schiller said.

Overall, he said the transition to the new name is going well, but will take many months to complete.

“Truist Park is becoming part of the everyday vernacular,” he said. “I think that is going to be a gradual process, just like it was when we first called it SunTrust Park.”