Meet Atlanta United’s first academy players

Atlanta United held a dinner Friday to introduce the players that will form its first academy.

The academy will field five teams. The Under-18s will likely begin training in July. The rest of the ages (U16, U14, U13, and U12) will begin training in August. The teams’ first games will be in September.

The hope of Atlanta United President Darren Eales and academy director Richard Money is that some of these players will eventually work their way into the first team, which is scheduled to begin play in MLS in 2017.

The first team and academy will eventually train at the team’s headquarters in Marietta. The headquarters are under construction.

The first team will play in Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Friday’s ceremony included the boys on each team signing an agreement to play for Atlanta United. They also posed for group photos and were asked, along with their parents, to sign an 8-foot tall Atlanta United shield.

Here are the first classes:

U18 Final Roster

John Michael Bandy, Kolanji Soccer Academy (KSA)

George Bonsu, Atlanta Fire

Andrew Carleton, Georgia United

Machop Chol, Dekalb Decatur YMCA (DDY)

Aldair Cortes, Birmingham United (BUSA)

Anthony Diaz, La Liga Lawrenceville

Edwin Figueroa, La Liga Lawrenceville

Cheik Fofana, Georgia United

Mike Ille, Concorde Fire

Lagos Kunga, Dekalb Decatur YMCA (DDY)

Kevin Lingard, Kolanji Soccer Academy (KSA)

Joseph Marcellus, Soccer in the Streets

Samuel Morton, Georgia United

Adeola Oke, Atlanta Fire

Patrick Okonkwo, Georgia United

Victor Pereyra-Zavala, Georgia United

Nicolás Pérez Georgia United

Kareve Richards, Kolanji Soccer Academy (KSA)

Russell Shealy, Concorde Fire

Alhaji Tambadu, Dekalb Decatur YMCA (DDY)

Juan Pablo Torres, Georgia United

Lionel Touroude, Soccer in the Streets

Bryce Washington, Concorde Fire


U16 Final Roster

Charlie Asensio, Georgia United

Alexander Bahr, Georgia United

George Bello, Alpharetta Ambush

James Brighton, Savannah Storm

Sai Brown, United Futbol Academy (UFA)

Liam Butts, Gol Soccer Academy (GSA)

Trevor Byrne, Georgia United

George Campbell, Georgia United

Tanner Carlson, Georgia United

Alessandro Castro, Kolanji Soccer Academy (KSA)

Jackson Conway, Georgia United

William Crain, Georgia United

Alexander Dennis, FC Copenhagen

Kendall Edwards, Gol Soccer Academy (GSA)

Dylan Gaither, Gol Soccer Academy (GSA)

Dawson Gideon, Concorde Fire

Michael Johnson, Concorde Fire

Zyen Jones, Georgia United

Logan Luque, Southern Soccer Alliance

Natnael McDonald, Gol Soccer Academy (GSA)

Matthew Rios, Georgia United

Remi Smith, Georgia United

Saul Tinoco, United Futbol Academy (UFA)

Thomas Toney, Gol Soccer Academy (GSA)

Berk Watson, United Futbol Academy (UFA)

Blake White, Kolanji Soccer Academy (KSA)


U14 Final Roster

Jide Awujo, Southern Soccer Association (SSA)

Josiah Blanton, Roswell Santos

Frank Bwelle, Inter Atlanta

Emerson Waldemar Chavez, UFA Eagles

Brandon Clagette, Southern Soccer Association (SSA)

Garrett Gardner, Smyrna Soccer Academy

Kameron Gorst, Concorde Fire

Grant Howard, Southern Soccer Association (SSA)

Donovan Jones, Southern Soccer Association (SSA)

Alejandro Lopez, Georgia United

Daniel Mangarov, Georgia United

Craig Mclwraith, AFC Lightning

Zaki Obafemi-Carpenter, United Futbol Academy (UFA)

Chase Oliver, Southern Soccer Association (SSA)

Brandon Parrish, Darlington Academy

Christian Antonio Pena, UFA Eagles

Anthony Reaves, United Futbol Academy (UFA)

Will Reilly, Georgia United

Ryan Schewe, North Atlanta Soccer Association (NASA)

Parker Smith, Concorde Fire

Jackson Wrobel Vestavia, Hills Soccer Association

Jeremiah Zuniga, Dalton Soccer


U13 Final Roster

Valentin Bargagna, Concorde Fire

Michael Barrueta, Concorde Fire

Santiago Bondulich, Inter Atlanta

Daniel Byman, United Futbol Academy (UFA)

Balmore Cruz, Concorde Fire

Alejandro Chini Devillena, Dacula Soccer Association

Trevor Dozier, Concorde Fire

Ethan Fowlks, Southern Soccer Assocation (SSA)

Emmanuel Gyasi, Concorde Fire

Euan Higgins, United Futbol Academy (UFA)

Laurence Humphries, Inter Atlanta

Akinni James, Southern Soccer Assocation (SSA)

Mikey Jensen, Concorde Fire

Betwel Mateyo, Soccer in the Streets

Kevin Mendoza, Lanier Soccer Association (LSA)

Caleb Mott, Dacula Soccer Association

Haris Osmanbasic, Concorde Fire

Deji Owoseni, United Futbol Academy (UFA)

Yahir Paez, Dalton Soccer

Vicente Reyes, United Futbol Academy (UFA)

Cristopher Sanchez, UFA Eagles

Micah Shewit Worton, Darlington Academy


U12 Final Roster

Mateo Bargagna, Concorde Fire

Luke Brennan, Concorde Fire

Shaddai Campbell, Dacula Soccer Club

Alan Carleton, Southern Soccer Academy (SSA)

Bryan Casanova, United Futbol Academy (UFA)

Jose Armando De Avila, Concorde Fire

Quinlan DeLaMater, Southern Soccer Academy (SSA)

Abraham Gonzalez, Southern Soccer Academy (SSA)

Jacob Haynes, United Futbol Academy (UFA)

Sam Hill, North Atlanta Soccer Assoc. (NASA)

Guillermo Jimenez Rome, Arsenal

Richard (Ford) Lee, Concorde Fire

Justin McLean, Concorde Fire

Gray Mollenkamp, Concorde Fire

Efrain Morales, United Futbol Academy (UFA)

Sammy Newmyer, Gol Soccer Academy (GSA)

Nicholas Perla, Southern Soccer Academy (SSA)

Nigel Prince, United Futbol Academy (UFA)

Nathan Richmond, Dekalb Decatur YMCA (DDY)

Dagoberto Romero, Gol Soccer Academy (GSA)

Danial Sebhatu, Lanier Soccer Association (LSA)

Baine Smith, Concorde Fire

James Spurlin, Columbus Red Star

Evan Theriot, Concorde Fire

Jonathan Villal, Allianza Latina

Caleb Wiley, Dekalb Decatur YMCA (DDY)