NCAA passed college football recruiting reform

On Friday, the NCAA Division I Council passed Proposal No. 2016-116 changing several college football recruiting rules that affect areas such as official visits and the hiring of those connected with college football recruits.

With regard to official visits, recruits will be allowed to take official visits from April 1 in their junior year through the Sunday before the last Wednesday in June. This rule will go into effect on Aug. 1.

"I'm pleased with the productive football discussions that have taken place this past year and ultimately led to today's decision by the Division I Council,” ACC Commissioner John Swofford said regarding the NCAA Division I Council’s decision. “The ACC is supportive overall and, although not perfect for everyone in every instance, it is significant positive progress for the sport and its student-athletes."

The new rules for individuals associated with college football recruits were created to keep those associated with the recruit from being hired at a university in a non-coaching position. This rule change reflects the IAWP rules in college basketball recruiting.

The rule changes also allows for a 10th full-time assistant coach on college teams and will be official on Jan. 9

The proposal includes several other recruiting rule changes and proposals.