Jim Harbaugh’s latest tweet might be the Michigan coach’s most insidious yet

Jim Harbaugh has become famous for his inflammatory tweeting, but the Michigan football coach might have gone too far this time.

On Thursday he dropped on his more than 1 million followers a picture of beloved Ohio State football coach Wayne Woodrow “Woody” Hayes wearing a Michigan hat.

Hayes, of course, was famous for hating the Wolverines so much he would not even utter the name of the school, referring to Michigan only as “That School Up North.”

There is even a story the Clifton native once ran out of gas during a recruiting trip in the Wolverine State and chose to push his car south across state lines rather than buy gas there.

It remains to be seen what the story behind this picture might be, but Hayes does not look thrilled to be wearing it.

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Perhaps he lost a friendly wager with Bo Schembechler, his good friend, former assistant and famous Michigan coach (who was also Harbaugh’s mentor).

Whatever the case, this is quite a volley from Harbaugh in the never-ending Ohio State-Michigan rivalry.

With an 0-2 record against the Buckeyes since taking over at his alma mater, is he resorting to trying to undermine Ohio State from within?

To make the Scarlet and Gray doubt the faith of their greatest leader?

Only time will tell, but you can bet Urban Meyer is not pleased.