Ironman Thorn to run 46th Peachtree

Bill Thorn knows where he plans to be Saturday morning. It’s the same place he’s been on July 4 mornings for the past 45 years – at the starting line of the AJC Peachtree Road Race.

The only person who has run every Peachtree, Thorn said Wednesday that he’ll be running his 46th on Saturday.

“I will be there, Lord willing,” said Thorn, 84.

The coach of Landmark Christian School’s cross country and track teams, Thorn has maintained his daily exercise routine that includes mini-trampoline, stationary bike, pushups, sit-ups, running and walking. It is a literally daily routine – 365 days a year.

“Sunday is my half day,” he said. “I do half of what I do during the week on Sunday.”

He’s even trying to add a rowing machine to his repertoire, if, he says, he can find a good deal on one.

“That is probably one of the most complete exercises for the entire body,” he said.

He is also close to completing an exercise video that details his regimen.

“The way I’m going to present it is, Here is what I do,” Thorn said. “Now, you can do this, you can copy, you can add, you can subtract, you can fix it to suit yourself. The main principal of the whole thing is you do something and you do it consistently.”

Thorn keeps track of his routine in a folder at his home in Tyrone, not surprising for someone who has held onto all of his running shoes. He also keeps all of his Peachtree t-shirts stored away in his attic.

This past fall, Thorn led the Landmark Christian girls cross country team to the Class A private school state title. It was the 30th state title in track or cross country (boys and girls) for Thorn.

Thorn’s companion Saturday will be granddaughter Kenzie Thrasher, who will fly in from Dallas for the race and holiday. Last year, along with other relatives, they finished in one hour, 27 minutes.

“That’s not too good,” he said. “But it’s a man this old. I’m just trying to get to the end.”