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Atlanta area student wins screen print contest with powerful message

Paint Love, an Atlanta-based organization that connects professional artists with youth-focused non-profits and Title I schools, is coordinating a screen-printing design project for 250 students at Langston Hughes High School, a school in Fulton County, on Wednesday.

Langston Hughes High School, located in Fairburn, is a Title I school known for a strong fine arts program. Paint Love is connecting acclaimed screen printer David Broughton with the school for a project to teach students how to screen print.

Prior to the screen-printing, 35 students submitted artwork centered on the theme of community for a design challenge. The winning artwork, which will be used for the screen-printing project, was created by 11th grade student Christian Alexander, who wanted to convey “community through human embrace,” according to the organization.

“The goal of the screen print design challenge was to get students to begin thinking about how their artwork could have lasting impressions on more than just their immediate peers,” said Lynn Hatcher, an art teacher at Langston Hughes High School in a press release. “The hope is that they will then recognize themselves in the printed symbol. The beauty of the project that Paint Love is providing is that the students get to play with a material they might not have had exposure to previously.”

To further support the art program at Langston Hughes, Paint Love will be donating a classroom set of watercolors and paint brushes so that there will be resources for future art projects.