Cink's diary: Cut missed, hope intact

Reigning British Open champion and Duluth resident Stewart Cink agreed to a daily diary from his week at the Masters for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Cink shot his second straight 76 Friday, putting him at 8-over 152 and missing the cut. He talked about trying to keep a positive outlook and how, even though he won't be playing the tournament's last two rounds, there may be a bright side :

"Today's round wasn't too unlike yesterday's round. I did hit some poor shots but the good shots I hit didn't end up very good. I just felt like I was fighting an uphill battle all the way.

"The greens are big but the targets you're hitting to are very tiny. If you just barely miss by a couple of feet here or there and your ball's going to roll down the hills and into swales or hazards. It's just hard to recover from those areas, especially when I'm just not getting the ball up and down. It's just really quite frustrating.

"Last year I missed the cut at this tournament and I won the British Open. If I end the year with one major victory, I'll be happy. I won't care about missing the cut. No, that's the not the way I want to look at things. There's really not a lot of positives I can take out of this other than I've been hitting my driver very well. I'm just not trusting anything else in my game right now. I' m not trusting my decisions, I'm not trusting my short game or my putting. It's just hard to play confident, aggressive golf with some swagger when you're not positioned.

"Next week I've got a course [Harbour Town] where I've had some good success in the past. So, all I can do is start over."