A Scott Stallings, not the Scott Stallings, gets Masters invite

Scott Stallings has anxiously been waiting for his Masters invitation to arrive in the mail.

And a Scott Stallings did receive it. It just wasn’t the Scott Stallings.

Stallings, the PGA Tour golfer, posted on social media Monday that his invitation arrived to another Stallings, who lives in Georgia. It turns out there are also two Jennifer Stallings, as each wife has the same name. Perhaps such a mix-up could be expected.

Stallings, the golfer, posted on social media: “Literally had been checking the mailbox five times a day and then I got this random DM yesterday.”

He shared the direct message from the wrong recipient, with some redactions.

It read: “Hi Scott. My name is Scott Stallings as well and I’m from GA. My wife’s name is Jennifer too!! … We have a condo … and I received a FedEx today from the Masters inviting me to play in the Masters Tournament April 6-9, 2023. I’m 100 sure this is NOT for me. I play but wow! No where near your level. It’s a very nice package complete with everything needed to attend. I think we have some confusion because of our names, our wife’s name and our geographical location. … I am more than happy to send this package to you.”

The message came complete with photos of the invitation.

According to an interview with Channel 2 Action News, the Stallings live in Chamblee. They recently bought a condo on St. Simons Island and drove down this weekend to celebrate New Year’s Eve. They found the package on the front step. Jennifer opened it and was surprised.

“She said, ‘Oh my god you’re going to the Masters!’ We thought it was random tickets and she says, ‘No you’re playing!’” Scott told the television station. “I knew immediately then it was the other Scott Stallings.”

According to his profile with the PGA Tour, Stallings is from Worcester, Mass. and resides in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Stallings qualified for the Masters after qualifying for last year’s Tour Championship. He has played in two Masters in his career. He missed the cut in 2014 and finished tied for 27th in 2012. You can appreciate his eagerness to get his invitation to this year’s tournament.