Sports Insider: NFL draft preview tackles ‘next big thing’ perceptions

Plus: How the Hawks’ strategy has fared in the playoffs



Football fans, college or pro, can study each NFL franchise’s needs from this week’s draft — and why it isn’t smart to try to get the “next version” of a star — in the latest edition of Sports Insider ahead of the picks being announced.

This week’s 43-page edition of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s digital magazine takes a look at the Hawks’ latest strategy in the playoffs as well, and how it paid off big to keep them in the series with the Boston Celtics.

Also, find out the details of a pro golfer’s upbringing that puts a different perspective on the oft-criticized decision to leave the PGA Tour in favor of LIV Golf.

Credit: AJC

Credit: AJC

Plus: A look at what’s making high-school coaches leave the sports they love to teach; a review of the Reggie Jackson movie that details the famed slugger’s life; why the perception that Michael Jordan doesn’t take on community causes might belong in the past; and more to read all week long in this week’s Sports Insider.

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Today’s ePaper edition includes After the Game, on how the Braves fared against the Houston Astros on Saturday.

Credit: AJC

Credit: AJC

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