Sports Insider: Checking on Braves who left, plus how replacements faring

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

Check out how the Braves have filled the gaps with numerous big-name departures in the last couple of seasons — and how those players are faring elsewhere — in this week’s Sports Insider.

In the latest 40-page issue of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s digital magazine, college football fans can also find out SEC coaches’ varying stances on whether or not injury reports are needed in the sport, as well as how they view tampering regarding players who go on to enter the transfer portal.

Also, find out why the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat might be exactly what the NBA needs, even if the TV ratings for the NBA Finals might slip as they play for the title this year.

Plus: How the French vociferously and creatively support their home country’s tennis players; the details of why thoroughbreds are unable to survive severe leg injuries on the track; what the powers behind the U.S. Men’s National Team are thinking in resetting the nation’s top soccer roster; how much Carmelo Anthony means to his hometown of Baltimore and his adopted hometown of New York— and much more to read all week long in this week’s Sports Insider.

Credit: AJC

Credit: AJC

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Credit: AJC

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