While rehabbing, Keion White staying engaged with Georgia Tech defense

Georgia Tech defensive end Keion White’s return from injury does not appear imminent, but he has remained engaged with the team during his recovery.

Defensive coordinator Andrew Thacker said that White, who came to Tech from Old Dominion in the offseason as a grad transfer, has brought “a level of maturity and a level of seriousness” to the position group, populated by a number of first- and second-year players, such as Kyle Kennard, Jared Ivey and Josh Robinson.

“They’re maturing, and they’re learning how to be young men and to be men, but he acts and functions like a grown man, and we’re hoping that rubs off, that level of maturity and that seriousness and the way that he handles his business in that room,” Thacker said.

Thacker said that during one of the team’s halftimes this season, White took the opportunity to speak to his teammates. For those talks to work, Thacker said, it’s necessary to have the respect of teammates, and that is especially hard to do when the speaker has yet to play, as White has not.

“But he has his teammates’ respect,” Thacker said.

White’s return would be welcome. He tied for 10th in tackles for loss in 2019 at Old Dominion and was one of three Tech seniors (safeties Tariq Carpenter and Juanyeh Thomas are the other two) named to the Senior Bowl watch list based on his potential as an NFL prospect. Including this season, White has two seasons of eligibility remaining.

Credit: GTFB

Credit: GTFB