Jahmyr Gibbs starts preseason camp with more muscle

Georgia Tech running back Jahmyr Gibbs has put on weight and added strength since the end of last season. The gains aren’t lost on offensive coordinator Dave Patenaude.

“He’s got (trapezius muscles) and he’s got a chest and he’s got triceps and he’s got muscles (where) he never thought he had muscles,” Patenaude said Monday following the team’s third preseason practice. “So we’re not afraid to roll him inside the (offensive) tackles at all. Because he’s learning how to run with his pads down and pound the ball.”

Saturday, Gibbs said he added about 10 pounds from his playing weight last year, putting him now at 201 pounds after playing last season between 190 and 193 pounds. He can bench press 225 pounds 16 times, up from 11.

As Patenaude mentioned, the added strength and weight make Gibbs a more viable ball carrier on the inside, which adds to his ability as a threat on the perimeter.

A year ago, Gibbs proved himself one of the top running backs in the ACC, finishing fourth in the league in all-purpose yards at 138.3 yards per game.

“He’s gotten bigger,” quarterback Jeff Sims said. “It’s really helpful because he can run up between gaps now, and it’s dangerous.”