What they’re saying about Eagles’ signing of Michael Vick

John Gonzalez, Philadelphia Inquirer columnist: " ... I'm not going to kill the Eagles for signing him, and I'm not going to attack Vick or ascribe some pejorative label to the guy. I don't know the man. I don't know why he got involved with dogfighting. But I do know that he went to prison, and he lost his job, and he's been beaten up quite a bit over the last two years. ... But after doing his time and losing almost everything he'd worked so hard to achieve, hasn't he paid the price required of someone looking to purchase a second chance?"

Eagles cornerback Ellis Hobbs: "He's definitely going to be embraced. The NFL is a fraternity of brothers. When you bring in a guy who's been through the things that he's been through, you want to surround him and protect him as much as possible because everybody's out there throwing stones at him."

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: "PETA and millions of decent football fans around the world are disappointed that the Philadelphia Eagles have chosen to sign a man who hanged dogs from trees, electrocuted them with jumper cables, held them underwater until they drowned in his swimming pool, and even threw his own family dogs into the fighting pit to be torn to shreds while he laughed."

Peter King, SI.com: "If there are dog-lovers protesting Vick's signing because of his heinous dog-fighting history and convictions (and there are bound to be some), they'll roll off [head coach Andy] Reid. He simply won't care."

Phil Sheridan, Philadelphia Inquirer: "... it is going to be very difficult to watch this guy without thinking about those dead and tormented dogs. There will be protests, and there should be. There will be verbal abuse from fans, and there should be. As much as Vick has the right to get on with his life, the rest of us have the right to remind him of what he did."

Eagles President Joe Banner: "We got quite a few calls from people who were upset. But there was a fairly significant, large number, in favor. I'd say there was a smaller number opposed ..."

Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco (on Twitter): "Mike Vick and McNabb on the same team, damn!!!!! Glad I don't play defense, good luck game planning to stop that shh!!"