What Falcons players said after win over Panthers

Here’s what Falcons players had to say after a 24-10 win over the Panthers on Sunday.

CALVIN RIDLEY, wide receiver

On his long touchdown: "The safety and the corner went with the play and they left me wide up. That's pretty much what it was. The jump the run and left me wide open. I made a good play."

On the blowing the game open: "It felt good. I'm a good player to be able to help at anytime in the game. But it felt good."

On team rookie TD record: "I wasn't really thought of (in 1980). It feels good to help the team get points on the board and get a win."

BRIAN HILL, running back 

On his game: "It was exciting. I was excited all week knowing that I was going to get a chance to run the ball. I started off a little shaky out there, but I'm glad I was able to turn it around."

On his penalty: "I really don't know. I was really just trying to finish the run. I was a little excited. It was my longest run of the day. I was stressing over the first half. So when I finally broke a run I kind of let too much excitement out. That's all. I lost my poise there at the end."

On his NFL journey: "It's been a long road in my short NFL career, but I wouldn't change anything. I feel like the things I've been through made me the player that I am today. It's added to work ethic."

ISAIAH OLIVER, cornerback

On his interception: "At first, when I came up and I saw the ref called it out of bounds. I though I was out. But once I saw it on the replay, I knew I was in for sure."

On the play of the defense: "I thought we played good. I felt like we had a really good game plan. We are able t play fast and get after the ball. Getting those four turnovers, that was big for us. That's something the we have to pride ourselves in, getting the ball. The red zone stops were big."

On lessons to learn late in his rookie season: "Especially with me being in the first year, I learn something new everyday that I walk into the building. Every time that I'm out on the field, I'm going to learn something new or see something that I haven't seen before. I'm looking forward to it new week as well. Getting back to work and learning more things on the fly and everything like that. It's been a really good year. I've learned a lot. I feel like I've grown a lot from the beginning to the end."

GRADY JARRETT, defensive tackle 

On stopping Christian McCaffery: "It kind of runs through him. Especially with Cam (Newton) being out, they wanted to give him some touches. He did some good things, but we were able to get to him and get out of here with the win."

On the roughing the passer penalty: "It was good to get my seventh sack today. You know what I'm saying. That was good."

On if he's counting the sack: "It was good to get my seventh sack today."

MOHAMED SANU, wide receiver 

Thoughts of Mohamed Sanu, Calvin Ridley and Julio Jones catching a touchdown each. "Get out of here. That's pretty cool. We just went out there and had a good time. We made some plays when we got our opportunities. The defense played outstanding and we went out and held up our end of the bargain."

On Calvin Ridley's performance. "Calvin goes out there every day and balls. He went out there and did his job and made plays."

On Matt Bosher's hit. "I thought it was pretty cool. I jumped out of my seat. I was looking at the tablet and I saw it and was like oh. I had to go congratulate him – it was a big hit."