What the Falcons had to say after the 25-19 win

Falcons QB Matt Ryan on the 25-10 victory over Washington and his

Matt Ryan, quarterback

On the team

“I’m proud of the way we continued to battle.”

On Roddy White

Roddy came up with a huge fourth down play. I was really fired up for him.

On the Roddy, Roddy cheers

“I was trying to call the play. He played really clutch for us down the stretch. He’s going to continue to do good things for us.

On taking on the safety

“That’s one of those situations where I was on the sideline. I felt I was in a position to get as much as I could get. I just put my shoulder down and tried to get as many yards as I could.”

Roddy White, wide receiver

On Ryan’s running play

“It wasn’t good. You never want to see your quarterback go out there and hit people like that. I would have rather he just ran out of bounds and get back to the huddle. We don’t need him to get a concussion. That wasn’t smart. I told him it wasn’t smart.”

Robert Alford, cornerback

On the pass interference call

“The refs are call what they call. There’s nothing the players can do about it. It’s just about moving on to the next play. I was happy that I could end the game for us and put the whole game rest.”

Devonta Freeman, running back

On his second touchdown of the day

“It was all-or-nothing, fight for your brothers, that’s what we live by every day. My mentality is that no one can bring me down, and the offensive line’s mindset is that they aren’t going to let anyone touch me. When they do their jobs it makes everyone look good. It starts with them.”

On the job Kyle Shanahan has done with the offense

“We are doing a great job. Everybody, Kyle [Shanahan], the offensive lineman, the quarterback, the receivers, everybody is doing a great job as a whole unit. We turned this thing around together. We said back in April what we wanted to stand for, so it’s all showing and paying off right now. Everybody is living up to our expectations.

Desmond Trufant, cornerback

On final play

“It was beautiful. I started celebrating right away. I couldn’t be more proud of him. People are always doubting him, throwing fire at him and he shut everybody up. That’s what I’m most happy about, seeing my brother succeed.”

What does this win say about this team

“It’s just about finishing. That’s what Coach Quinn preaches. We can still get better, but it was a great team win.”

Jonathan Babineaux, defensive tackle

On Coach Quinn’s emphasis on competing everyday

“Not a day goes by that we aren’t out there competing against each other at practice. He challenges us to take it to another level, making us take our game to another level that we can get to. I feel like my game has gotten much better since I’ve been in this system and will continue to do so.”