What Matt Ryan had to say about the Patriots

Here’s what Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan had to say before returning to the Boston area to face the Patriots:

On the Falcons' offense: "We're close. We're not clicking on all cylinders, but we're close."

On the Patriots' 32nd-ranked defense: "When you watch them, they are giving up some big plays for sure, but they've done a lot of really good things as well. Solid in the front seven. Big and physical, and they are always disciplined."

On going back to the Boston area where he played at Boston College (2003-07): 

“I’ll definitely have a lot of familiar faces in people that I’ll know at the game,” he said. “I think when you play longer in the NFL, it’s not that it’s not special to go to those places ...

“Boston’s always been a place that’s special to me, (but) you’re just so used to the routine of going back, and you’re set in your schedule. It’ll be nice to have some people there, some familiar faces from BC to come down to the game.”

On all the Super Bowl collapse questions: 

“I don’t know,” Ryan said. “I feel like I’ve been pretty candid about my experience with it, and answered a lot of questions about it throughout the last seven or eight months.

“Maybe they’ll stop coming now, maybe they won’t, but I think everybody – particularly after a loss this past week – any time you can get back onto the practice field or get back onto the game field that’s where you want to be.”

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