What Drew Brees had to say about the Falcons

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees talked to the Atlanta media on a conference call on Thursday.

Here’s what he had to say:

Q: What do you see in the Falcons defense when you watch them on film compared to years past?

A: "I think they are a very disciplined defense. Dan Quinn has done a great job. Coming from Seattle and the great defenses that he had there, he's carrying over that mentality and discipline to what he's doing with the Falcons. I think you just understand that you have to really be on point as an offense. You've got to earn it. Whether if it's in the run game or the pass game. You just have to be really focused, diligent and disciplined."

Q: What’s been a little off for the Saints offensively in the two losses?

A: "We missed out on some opportunities to score points. We weren't very good on third down so we didn't sustain drives. I feel like we moved the ball well in the third and fourth quarter. Unfortunately, the first half wasn't very good."

Q: How’s rookie wide receiver Mike Thomas working into the offense?

A: "Mike has done a great job. Whenever he's called upon, he's done a great job. So, we'll continue to develop him. I think that whole receiver group as a unit is just chomping at the bit to take advantage of the opportunities given to them."

Q: What was that experience playing your first game in the Superdome in the first game after Katrina?

A: "It was pretty unbelievable. At the time it was probably the biggest game of our lives. We knew how it meant so much for so many people. We wanted that to be a special game and a special outcome for all of New Orleans. I think it was. I think it symbolized not only maybe the resurgence of our football team, but the resurgence of the city. ..The recovery and the rebirth."

Q: What makes Desmond Trufant such a special cornerback?

A: "I think he's an exceptional athlete. He's got great speed. He's got great discipline with his technique. I just see an extremely disciplined player who is very, very talented. He's very, very fast. He makes good plays on the ball. He's playing at a high level, that's for sure."

Q: What are your thoughts on the Falcons’ offense this year?

A: "They've got a bunch of playmakers on that side of the ball and Matt (Ryan) has the ability to get it to all of them. I've got a tremendous amount of respect for him. We've seen how these games have gone. Typically, these are close games regardless of the records of the teams, or the scenario during the season or whatever it is. We know that they have the ability to score at any moment. I think we feel like that about ourselves as well. We know what type of game this can be."

Q: What makes the Falcons-Saints rivalry special for you?

A: "I feel like there's always been something at stake….They've had very good teams during that span of time that Matt's been there and we've had some very good teams. I feel like there is always a lot at stake within the division when we play."

Q: Are you all confident that your passing attack will work against the Falcons?

A: "You've got to be able to handle their pass rush and they've got some good pass rushers. We have to have a plan for that. You just have to think about positive plays. Positive plays usually result in third-and-short situations, which gives you better opportunities to sustain drives and score points. All of those things work together, but, yes, I feel like they've got some good pass rushers that we have to be able to contain."

Q: What do you see from the rookie middle linebacker (Deion Jones) on tape?

A: "He's a really good athlete. He's very fast. He can move sideline to sideline very well. Anytime that you have speed on defense, which I think that style of defense is designed for that, guys that can move around very quickly and make tackles."