What Dan Quinn said after the 27-7 win over the Cowboys

November 12, 2017 Atlanta : Falcons head coach Dan Quinn and owner Arthur Blank confer before playing the Cowboys in a NFL football game on Sunday, November 12, 2017, in Atlanta.    Curtis Compton/ccompton@ajc.com

Credit: ccompton@ajc.com

Credit: ccompton@ajc.com

November 12, 2017 Atlanta : Falcons head coach Dan Quinn and owner Arthur Blank confer before playing the Cowboys in a NFL football game on Sunday, November 12, 2017, in Atlanta. Curtis Compton/ccompton@ajc.com

Here’s what Falcons coach Dan Quinn had to say after the 27-7 win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday:

Opening Statement:
"I told the team in the locker room (it was) really a brotherhood win because we really included all three phases, and that's what we're searching. That's what we're hoping. That's what we needed to do. The energy tonight was great, and that includes our fans to have them here, and we felt that. We've been on the road for a while, so it was 100 percent great to be back (home). We've worked hard at third down and red zone. We've still got work to do, but I was pleased to see some of that work come through today, especially offensively. But the story of today was defensive (end) Adrian Clayborn and the performance he had. ... (He had) a huge night. Just think a year ago he was in a dark place, had an injury, and the future was in doubt. For him to recognize that type of hard work gets rewarded, I was very, very happy for him. Then lastly, we'd like to recognize the TAPS families that were here this weekend for the game. Such a humbling weekend for us, and to have them as a part of our family this weekend at the game was just great. I'm glad to open up to your questions regarding the game."

On his thought process going into the game:
"I thought we'd play well. I said that before the game just because of the week we put in. I've been pleased with our preparation. We needed to now take the next step and make sure that carried over into the game and make sure our identity, the way we want to run it, the play action offensively led to our speed and ability to create some takeaways defensively. Let's make sure that came out loud and clear. We talked about that as a group at the very beginning of the week, and we recognized we hadn't played our best. We knew we had work to do, and if we thought we could make some improvements in some areas, the results would take care of themselves. We've got plenty of work to do, but just to be back home and get a win here this weekend was great for this team. I felt that connection in all three phases. When one side of the ball needs the help to pick it up, the next group was there ready to go. I think on the second series there was a turnover, and those are the ones that you don't want to go down and have that, but I think the first series might have even been backed up. I loved the way they battled. I love the attitude and the energy I felt on the sideline, and looking forward to seeing more of that."

On the importance of the win:
"Let's hope that that style really enables us to come through loud and clear. We felt like we've been close at times and we weren't able to nail it at the end, and that was hard for us. Having the plus turnover margin, that was an important step in the right direction for us knowing how we can go after the ball. When you get a chance to hit the quarterback, that's where some turnovers are likely to come. We'll go right back to it tomorrow. We've got another NFC team coming up. We'll enjoy this one tonight, and then come Monday we'll get right back to it."

On Tevin Coleman and Taylor Gabriel stepping up:
"We totally count on those guys, and to put the guys in the roles that they can be featured best. I thought Gabe [Taylor Gabriel] was one today that really showed excellent consistency on his part. When his opportunity comes, we've got to nail it. I thought Matt [Ryan] did a really nice job distributing it to the right guys at the right spots. They've got a physical team with good pass rushers certainly on their defense, and we knew that was going to be a challenge coming in, and it was. For the guys to answer, especially it was hard going in the run game early, but we knew we had to stick with it for our play action to be a factor in the game."

On Pat Tillman:
"I think just the memory of Pat inspires a lot of people because of what he stood for first as a ball player and as a man. We got to know him in that way, and when he decided to join the Army and go into that realm, a lot of us really saluted him for that. It had been something that he had wanted to do for a long time. Each year and even around here, there's a 'Pat's run' that we get involved with as well. It's somebody probably from a player standpoint [because] he's walked in both shoes in the athletic arena and in the military as well. That connection is probably why his name is so strong through the NFL and on a month like this where we're saluting the troops."

On setting the tone early in the second half:
"It was an important one because we had scored and got a field goal at the end of the half. The defense had stopped them. We thought we'd have another chance to get back and get some points on the next drive. When it happened again, we thought that would be a hell of a way to start the half. Those were important things for us that we discussed as a club. How do we lean on one another stronger? We did that today. I felt the energy from the players in the right way. They're a very connected group and they want to play hard for one another. They have each other's backs. We were able to demonstrate that in the clearest way today."

On the organization making an impact off the field:
"It means quite a bit to me, and just to have the leadership that we have from Arthur [Blank]. Not only does it go through us, but all of his businesses. It's that type of example that we who work here look to him and his values, his morals, what he stands for as a man. That comes through loud and clear. His connection with this team is really strong. He's there with us in the locker room, he's there with us on the road. They know him, and they understand what he stands for, and it's really clear."