What Dan Quinn had to say on Day 3 of training camp

Opening Statement:
"Good to see you guys today. Always an exciting first day of training camp pad wise, especially for the line of scrimmage. That's a real area of emphasis every year and no different today. Before we get going, I wanted to really address our crowd here today. Any time you see the hill packed like that and this year we decided to get them involved with some crowd noise. It works for both sides. When we're at home defensively they need it and when we're on the road for the offense. It was great to see that connection today. In a bit of bad news, Devin Fuller was injured yesterday and unfortunately he will be out. He has a torn ACL and we're bummed for him. He had worked so hard to recover from last year's injury so we're definitely bummed and sad for him. He's such a good competitor and he worked so hard to get back. Now I'll be glad to open it up for stuff from today."

On how the first day of pads went:
"They want to go against each other so hard. We walk that fine line as competitors. We always want to take care of one another, but do it at the very best way we can. We'll work on that. There's tons of stuff to correct on, but the line of scrimmage is where it really goes down. Our training camp has a real emphasis in the run game. Based on some of the guidelines from the spring, we wanted to make sure that part we were really working."

On how Devin Fuller was injured:
"It was non-contact. It was just a tweak of something. It wasn't a hit that caused it. We're definitely bummed for him."
On Ricardo Allen's absence from practice:
"I excused him. Ricardo had a personal matter to attend to today and he'll be back in town tonight. It was important for him to spend time that he needed to. We excused him last night and he'll be back hopefully in time for tomorrow. I'd say it's day to day. It was a good opportunity for Damontae Kazee. He's got such a good mentor in Ricardo, so he'll want to know how he did."

On how Damontae Kazee played today:
"When I saw him at pre-practice I said 'I really want to hear your communication today' knowing that's such an important part of your role playing on the defense. He did fine. It seemed like he fit right in and made the calls. He's got a good partner to go along with Keanu Neal some inside there. We were pleased to see that."

On what he's seen from Julio Jones so far:
"The movement and the speed, that's where he feels good. I anticipate as we are going into tomorrow, more of the individual and then hopefully some team work for next week."

On whether this is the best Robert Alford has played and how he challenged Alford in the offseason:
"As far as playing at our best, we have a long way to go. He is really fit. His weight is up. He's stronger than he's been in a while. He's using that strength at the line of scrimmage. You can feel that confidence sometimes that comes with just a little extra strength and a little extra weight with the same speed. He's always had really good ball skills and towards the middle of last year we challenged him to use that good speed without having to grab. He's done a good job with that, but I'd say more than anything you feel the physical presence of him."

On any players he felt stepped up to the competition today:
"I would hope I would have to list about 50 guys. The reason we do the one-on-one's is for that purpose. This morning in the staff room as coaches we wanted to see some specific matchups. We wanted to see Vic Beasley versus Jake Matthews in a one-on-one. We wanted to see Devonta Freeman and Deion Jones in pass protection. Over on the other side, we wanted to see Alford and Desmond Trufant against some of the younger receivers. I didn't get to see that one. I'm looking forward to it. I thought at the line of scrimmage, the offensive line was in and out of the huddle making sure that tone was set. As far as the competition, I'm hopeful that's all over the tape when we go back in to watch it."

On the decision to move De'Vondre Campbell to Sam linebacker:
"First thing was the physical profile that we knew he could handle the job. He's got length. He's got strength. We thought we could add some pass rushing with him as well. It was only possible if we added some other linebackers with that. That was part of the decision to move Kemal Ishmael to linebacker and part of the decision to add Duke Riley to the team. Could we have more versatility? He'll still be a factor for us playing in our nickel defense playing the will linebacker. He's got the ability because of his size to match up on tight ends and man to man. We love the battle that he and Austin Hooper do almost on a regular basis. Hopefully for about the next ten years, everyday these guys go after one another. Hooper wins, then Campbell comes back to win and that's the type of iron sharpening iron that we like to see."

On other tight ends he's watching closely during one-on-one drills:
"Eric Saubert for sure. He's got real quickness when he comes off the ball. Now I want to see what is he going to look like at the line of scrimmage in the run game. Can he block an edge? So, for sure he's one and Joshua Perkins. Perkins added some weight so we wanted to see does he have to be a move guy or can he play right there on the line of scrimmage? Those two specifically."

On the defensive players covering tight ends during one-on-one drills:
"It's the safeties and the linebackers. That was Riley and Campbell today to see if they can matchup on tight ends. Tight ends in our league are a problem because of the length. So, you want the speed to be able to cover backs and you want some of the length to cover some of the big tight ends. Each week there's some tough matchups and we certainly know in our division we have some tough ones."

On the competition at the wide receiver position:
"I have seen that and where does that little separation begin. Each day there's new times to see who can go for it. I thought Reggie Davis had a good day yesterday and then I felt Deante Burton came on a little stronger today. Then where does Josh Magee fit in? It's a back and forth battle. What we stress to them is they're not competing against them. If you're trying to compare yourself to the other guy, like 'Well, he had a drop and I did better', you're wrong. You're seeing how good you can get and that's how the group gets better. We avoid counting numbers and lines, like 'okay I did better than him today'. It's all of them see how far they can push to go get it."

On how Julio Jones acts as leader to the younger guys:
"I have really seen that over the last two years and of course our relationship has gotten stronger in that time. It's the small moments in a locker room, in a meeting room about the standard, about what you can do, or a different way to play it. It's behind the scenes that so much of his leadership takes place."

On how long after the pads come on he can see what players can do in a game atmosphere:
"For sure through some preseason games and that's another stress. We do so many situations and that's part of the evaluation to see if they can handle the different environment and different stress. Can they handle the physical part of it? We're constantly trying to make it hard and then we'll get into the preseason game and do that as well. It's not just the pads. It's that and two minute and here's a new look and here's the blitz. Can you handle all of those jobs? That's why it takes a little longer because if it was just like going to a combine and saying 'He ran this fast'. You have proof of that. He did this well in the drill. Here it's kind of the culmination of all of it. The physicality, the smarts, the speed, the anticipation. So, it takes longer."

On his biggest takeaway from today:
"I'd say the urgency that we want to practice with. We have some real objectives in training camp and one of them is to be the best attacking team in ball. One of them is going to be can our turnover ratio be there. Constantly the defense going after the ball against the offense to see if they can go after it. Those are things that we talk about on a regular basis. The way we evaluate those practices is it's a good one if the urgency and detail that go into it."

On how crushing the Devin Fuller injury was:
"It was really disappointing. Those are the times you give the guy a hug and say I know this is another setback for you and we appreciate the work you've done to get back. Then from there, the next step is surgery and he knows what that process looks like having been down that road before. We're disappointed for him and I told him that he's really got his stuff together not only as a ball player, but also as a man. In the NFL, however it goes from here, he's got his world in order."