What Dan Quinn had to say after Saturday’s practice

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn talks to reports during training camp, Saturday, July 28, 2018, in Flowery Branch, Ga.  BRANDEN CAMP/SPECIAL

Credit: Branden Camp

Credit: Branden Camp

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn talks to reports during training camp, Saturday, July 28, 2018, in Flowery Branch, Ga. BRANDEN CAMP/SPECIAL

The Falcons completed their Red-White scrimmage Saturday. The Red team held on for a 24-17 lead after opening a 24-2 lead.

Here’s what Falcons coach Dan Quinn had to say after practice:

Opening statement: "What a awesome day for us. This is our fourth year of doing the Military program. So, today we had 24 families from TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors). A bunch of active service men and women from Fort Benning and a number of retired, active and reserves here. It was a great way for us to pay tribute back to them. Awesome day. We did a lot of situational work. We basically played a second half of a game. Kicked off. Third quarter. Fourth quarter. All the way through. We've been working toward this block over the last few weeks. Excuse me, over the last few days. Today, it kind of came all the way through. Excellent day. Much love and respect to all of the military men and women servicemen that joined us today."

On the highlights from the scrimmage: "Yeah, I thought Saub (tight end Eric Saubert) had a good catch down in the red zone. I thought third downs … I thought both sides made some plays in that way. (Rookie cornerback Isaiah) Oliver with a good interception to go. We had good work outside on punts. I was really trying to say, 'can you make the gunner rep a live rep.' So, that part was good. I though that (defensive lineman) Jack Crawford was one that stood out today. He looked to have a good day and was active both in the run game and the pass game. Those were just a few. I'm looking forward to going in and watching it some more."

On the safety: "It was one of the inside guys for sure, it might have been 95. It might have been Crawford. I just felt like it was close enough at that moment to give the credit where it's due. The defensive linemen, this time of the year, they get plenty (ticked off) as I hardly ever blow it dead. On a day like today … it looked like they would have had it. My defensive hat came out some today."

On the Military: "Honestly, I feel real proud and humble to be a part of it. For years, I've said, the Military does team better than anybody. For us to give that kind of appreciation and gratitude back, then for the TAPs families that are here for their family member, to have lost a love one, we love to honor them as well. It was great learning experience for our team because when they get to share stories, share communications back and forth, those are influential times. It's an awesome opportunity from the organization."

On Ito Smith returning kickoffs: "... I'm sure you've seen Leon Washington back there every day working with him as well. I do think he has the traits to do it. He has real quickness to go. We're going to have to get him into to some game reps and take a look at it. It's also was a good look for where is our kickoff (coverage). We had two offsides on kickoffs today. How do we have to tweak our alignments with the new rules. There is some learning that goes on with that. I thought special teams was going to be a real big factor today just from some learning and it certainly was."

On Devonta Freeman loving training camp: "He's such a competitor and he has a personality among his teammates that he's just a … they love him. They love what he stands for on the field, off the field and in locker room. He is one of constant support. His makeup and mentality based on toughness and competing … this is his kind of environment. We truly celebrate guys like Free, who really live that lifestyle."

On the German fans (German TV crew was on hand): "We've been waiting all summer to say hello to our German fans. I know that you are watching the NFL each weekend, early, late, Sundays and Mondays. Somebody told me just before (the news conference) that the Atlanta Falcons were the big team in Germany. We are real proud of that."

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