What Chris Lindstrom had to say after getting drafted by the Falcons

Here’s what Boston College right guard Chris Lindstrom had to say after getting drafted 31st overall by the Falcons on Thursday:

On how he found out about the pick:
"Thomas Dimitroff, Coach (Dan) Quinn, and Mr. (Arthur) Blank called me over the phone when the 13th pick was in. I was just waiting and just, just a dream come true. It's been a really special night."

On whether he felt this would happen when he worked out for the Falcons: 
"It was a great workout a couple of weeks ago. I had a great relationship with the staff and everyone, and Atlanta was definitely the place I wanted to go and I'm just thankful for this opportunity."

On whether they told him he would be starting: 
"I'm just trying to help the team. I'm just trying to come in and work."

On whether he can start in the NFL: 
"I'm just trying to come in and work right now and try to be a great player."

On whether he is more comfortable at left or right guard: 
"I'm comfortable at both. I think a lot of a lot of my game snaps have been at right, but a lot in practice in a left-hand stance."

On describing his style of play: 
"I'm just a hard-nosed, dependable, accountable guy who's trying to finish people, but every play do my job."

On who was present at his workout with the Falcons:
"Mr. Dimitroff, Scott Pioli, the head strength coach, Jesse Ackerman, offensive line coach, Chris Morgan, and assistant offensive line coach, Bob Kronenberg, so it was a special weekend."

On how much inside or outside zone did they run at Boston College: 
"We ran a lot, and I'm thankful I came from a program like Boston College because I feel really prepared, going through this interview process and this whole process because we ran a lot of everything in our offense. We ran wide zone, tight zone, and we ran gaps games and outside zone."

On how much interaction he's had with Matt Ryan:
"He's come to speak to the team a few times so I've had a few, not one-on-one meetings, but he's come up and he's a great ambassador to be what it means to be a BC man and I'm thankful to be able to play with him."

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