UGA’s Brice Ramsey hoping ‘it’s all good’

Brice Ramsey learned of Mike Bobo’s decision to leave Georgia the same way the average fan did — on Twitter.

A series of tweets and retweets by the Georgia quarterback showed his range of emotions when the news first broke, from impatience to disbelief to acceptance.

In response to one tweet describing how the offensive coordinator’s departure for Colorado State would impact the redshirt freshman, Ramsey gave a simple: “it’ll be all good.”

Jeff Herron, Ramsey’s high school coach at Camden County, believes it will indeed be “all good” for the UGA backup.

The Bulldogs have one more game left before starter Hutson Mason leaves for his next chapter. Mason, a fifth-year senior, graduated on Dec. 19 with a degree in communication studies.

Based on the snaps taken by Ramsey during a span of seven games this year (20 for 30 passing for 282 yards, three touchdowns and an interception), Herron, who now coaches at Prince Avenue Christian in Athens, believes Bobo and the Georgia coaching staff were grooming him to make the jump to next year’s starter.

“It certainly felt like, as a coach watching how they handled him, they’ve got a lot of confidence that he can do the job next year and will be the guy,” Herron said.

Georgia did not make Ramsey available for comment this week. However, the Bulldogs’ current quarterback did have some thoughts on the fate of his offense even before Bobo announced he was leaving.

“It’ll be interesting to see who their coach is next year,” Mason said prophetically. “If they’re still running that same (pro-style) offense, it’ll be an interesting competition because you’ve got Brice who’s kind of that No. 2 guy right now. Jacob Park and Faton [Bauta] are guys that are going to get their shots. Coaches, if one thing, will always leave that job open to see who can win it.”

Ramsey likely saw his future in the hands of the man who coached the position since joining Mark Richt’s staff in 2001.

I’m sure he’s bothered by it,” Herron said. “I think that’s a natural human reaction.

After all, Bobo was Ramsey’s primary recruiter and worked a commitment out of him before the Kingsland native ever started a game for Camden County.

“I have a relationship with those players at the University of Georgia,” Bobo said in his introductory press conference as Colorado State head coach. “You fight like mad to get those kids to believe in each other and depend on the guy sitting next to you.”

At the quarterback position, the “guy sitting next you” will become a player’s biggest competitor come the spring.

Richt has decided that tight ends coach John Lilly will take over play-calling duties when the Bulldogs play in the Belk Bowl on Dec. 30. So it won’t be until Georgia finds an offensive coordinator to replace Bobo that the playing field will be leveled for Ramsey, Bauta and Park.
Herron believes the challenge will suit Ramsey well. He said his former quarterback performs better when he’s forced to compete, which didn’t happen often once Ramsey nabbed the starting job while the two were at Camden County.

"There just weren't kids around him that were able to challenge him," Herron said.

Such is no longer the case. Although a starter for next season is long from being settled, Mason can speculate.

"I would think Brice was in the [lead] for it," he said, "but you never know what will happen."