Rose missed two field goals, made two clutch boots

Nick Rose received the field goal kicks in practice and made six of eight on Sunday.

He also made two field goals during the two-minute drill at the end of practice.

Here’s how Rose, an undrafted rookie from Texas, fared:

  • Left hash mark, 39 yards – Good.
  • Middle, 39 yards – Good.
  • Right hash mark, 39 yards – Good.
  • Left hash mark, 44 yards – No good. Wide left.
  • Right hash mark, 44 yards – Good.
  • Left hash mark, 49 yards – No good. Wide right.
  • Right has mark, 49 yards – Good.
  • Middle, 44 yards, Good.

With two seconds left in the two-minute drill, he made a 49 yarder.

After the second-team’s possession, he made a 46-yard field goal with seven seconds remaining.

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