Matt Ryan on the struggling offense

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan on the struggling offense:

Q: What’s the plan to get the offense back on track?

A: "We need to jump-start it on offense. Obviously, the last couple of weeks have been unacceptable, in terms of us getting into the end zone. I mean of all the things that are important, in terms of playing good offense, getting in the end zone is No. 1. … We've got to create some explosive plays, and then when we get into the red zone, we've got to be really effective."

Q: What has to happen for you to throw more deep passes?

A: "In order to be able to throw it deep, one, we've got to have coverage that kind of lets you get behind it. Then two, you've got to hold up front. And then I've got to be able to put the ball where we need to make it, so we'll see. Obviously, we'll game plan that and try and get some opportunities to do that, and then when we get those opportunities, we have to hit them."

Q: How’s rookie wide receiver Justin Hardy coming along?

A: "I think Justin Hardy's getting better every week. I mean, it hasn't been good, but there are some silver linings, and I think Justin's been a guy that's getting better. He made a great catch last week in a third-down situation, making a one-handed catch while coming across the middle. As he continues to get more comfortable, I think you're going to see how good his hands are and just how savvy a football player he is."